2021 Free Share NetApp NS0-003 Practice Exam Questions

2021 Free Share NetApp NS0-003 Practice Exam Questions

NCTA will be granted to those individuals who successfully pass the NetApp Certified Technology Associate (NS0-003) exam. The NetApp Certified Technology Associate certification is designed for IT professionals who want an introduction to the NetApp platform and associated technologies.

We understand exactly what you’ll need to ace the exam in a short amount of time. Our NetApp NS0-003 Practice Exam Questions will take away your nervousness and help you finish the exam with a lot of important professional information. You can now utilize this free practice test to gauge your readiness. You will get a comprehensive NetApp NS0-003 Practice Exam Questions that will ensure your success on the first attempt!

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1. What are three benefits provided by the Spot by NetApp portfolio? (Choose three.)

2. You want to ensure that the data that is stored in your Azure NetApp Files and on-premises NetApp ONTAP volumes satisfy General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) engagements. You also want to ensure that the sensitive data Is stored In specific locations only.

In this scenario, which NetApp cloud data service accomplishes these tasks?

3. Which statement is true regarding application containerization?

4. Which type of service is an Amazon EC2 instance?

5. Which ONTAP feature allows you to re-purpose existing third-party storage systems and present them as native ONTAP storage?

6. Which two software platforms are provided with an HCI cluster? (Choose two.)

7. Which two technologies enable business continuity during a site failure? (Choose two.)

8. Your company is using a FlexPod reference architecture. You want to manage your compute, storage, and visualization environment in a single UI.

In this scenario, which product would satisfy these requirements?

9. You are asked to ensure that On Command Cloud Manager automatically provisions additional storage for your Cloud Volumes ONTAP system.

Which OnCommand Cloud Manager feature enables you to accomplish this task?

10. Your users require both NFS and SMB file services. You do not want to manage the storage using ONTAP System Manager or the command line interface.

In this scenario, which two products would satisfy these requirements? (Choose two.)


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