Try Latest NetApp NS0-403 Practice Exam Questions

Try Latest NetApp NS0-403 Practice Exam Questions

Start your preparation for NetApp NS0-403 exam? NCHC Implementation Engineer logos and certificates will be granted to those individuals who successfully pass the NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Implementation Engineer (NS0-403) exam. FreeTestShare collected NetApp NS0-403 Practice Exam Questions to help you study real questions and answers to ensure your success. These NetApp NS0-403 Practice Exam Questions can help you clear your doubts and prepare for the exam. We recommend practicing with NetApp NS0-403 Practice Exam Questions to test your knowledge and identify areas for development in an actual exam environment. You are guaranteed to pass your NetApp NS0-403 exam successfully.

You should try NS0-403 practice test questions to assess yourself.

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1. You are using REST APIs to deploy and manage storage that is provided by NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Microsoft Azure. You have written a Python script that contains a POST request to the following URL: http://localhost/occm/api/azure/vsa/working-environments. However, you receive a 401 response failure message that indicates that the user is not authenticated.

In this scenario, which two steps must you perform to communicate with an endpoint? (Choose two.)

2. Click the Exhibit button.

Referring to the exhibit, what would happen if there is a newer version of netapp-cioudmanager available when you install the provider with the terraform init command?

3. During software development, a team creates use cases, class diagrams, Unified Modeling Language models, software architecture documents, requirements documents, and design documents.

Collectively, in this scenario, what are these tangible by-products called?

4. You are asked to provision storage for a development team to make use of NetApp Trident in their Kubernetes environment. You are advised that the development environment will be frequently performing large numbers of deployments. You want to ensure you do not exhaust the storage volume system limits.

In this scenario, which backend would you recommend to satisfy the requirements?

5. You have a 4-node AFF A800 cluster that is serving file data. You are required to replicate copies of the data volumes directly to Amazon S3.

In this scenario, which two NetApp tools satisfy this requirement? (Choose two.)

6. Your customer is writing a curl command to test an API call to deploy Cloud Volumes OWTAP for AWS They want to know what the content-Type parameter should be set to in the header of the HTTP request.

In this scenario, what would you tell the customer?

7. Click the Exhibit button.

You are using NetApp Cloud Manager to set up replication, as shown in the exhibit.

Which two replication policies are supported in this scenario? (Choose two.)

8. Click the Exhibit button.

Referring to the exhibit, you are certain that the backend configuration information is correct, but you still cannot get the created PVCs to connect.

What are three reasons for this problem? (Choose three.)

9. You have a StorageGRID solution with 1 PB of object data. All data is geographically distributed and erasure coded across three sites. You are asked to create a new information lifecycle management (ILM) policy that will keep a full copy of the grid in Amazon S3.

In this scenario, which component must be configured for the ILM policy?

10. A team compiles a group of artifacts locally. The team decides to allow an automatic process to deploy the compiled artifacts to a production server.

In this scenario, which step was skipped in the DevOps process?


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