Success Tips For NetApp NCIE-DP Certification NS0-527 Exam

Success Tips For NetApp NCIE-DP Certification NS0-527 Exam

NS0-527 NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer—Data Protection exam includes 60 test questions, with an allotted time of 1-1/2 hours to complete. If you are preparing for NetApp NS0-527 exam, you should get FreeTestShare NS0-527 dumps to pass in the first try. It provides one of the best quality NS0-527 questions resources available. Our NS0-527 questions and answers make your preparation process simply because they are designed to help you pass your NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer—Data Protection exam on the first try.

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1. A customer wants to assign a user to a build-in SnapCenter RBAC Role that will allow them to review and start existing SnapMirror processes only.

In this scenario, which Role will allow the customer to accomplish this task?

2. You have two ONTAP clusters, cluster1 and cluster2. Cluster1 has an SVM serving SMB3 data and you want to protect it by replicating it to cluster2 using SVM DR. The source and destination subnets are identical. You want to retain the CIFS server security of the SVM at the destination site.

In this scenario, which three steps would you take to configure the SVM DR relationship? (Choose three.)

3. Click the Exhibit button.

Refer to the Exhibit. clusterA, clusterB, and clusterC are in a mirror-mirror cascade relationship. clusterB is offline and not recoverable. You want to continue to protectcluster

In this scenario, which statement is correct?

4. What does the metrocluster configuration-settings interface create command do?

5. The customer has experienced a disaster at their primary data center. You have implemented a SnapMirror relationship to meet their needs. You have performed the steps to make the destination volume read/write accessible to the clients.

Which three actions should your considerdoing while the customer makes the necessary repairs to their data center? (Choose three.)

6. Which OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) feature allows users to download prebuilt WFA packs?

7. When volumes are set to be thin-provisioned, what must be monitored for space usage?

8. You have experienced a disaster at your source site and activated SVM DR. The source site is now up, but your source SVMs no longer exist. You must restore data to the original source and maintain the SVM DR configuration.

Which two steps must be taken to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

9. You are upgrading your Data ONTAP cluster from clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 to clustered Data ONTAP 9.1.

Which two actions mustbe performed for the SnapMirror relationships? (Choose two.)

10. How are the FC-VI links cabled in MetroCluster for ONTAP?


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