Download Free Salesforce Platform App Builder CRT-403 Exam Questions

Download Free Salesforce Platform App Builder CRT-403 Exam Questions

Certification Preparation for Platform App Builder is ideal for administrators, system integrators, and independent software vendors (ISVs) with an interest in sharpening the development, deployment, and administrative skills required to succeed in becoming a Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder.

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1. Cloud Kicks (CK) is finding sales reps are inconsistent in data entry when deals are won. CK requires that custom shoes are shipped within two weeks after the close date. A custom field called Scheduled Ship Date on the opportunity records the ship date.

How should the app builder ensure this field is properly filled out before setting the opportunity to closed won?

2. UVC has created the custom objects Candidate and Interview in Salesforce to track candidates and interviews respectively. The company wants to track the total number of interviews a candidate has gone through on the candidate record without writing any code .

Which two actions can an App Builder take to accomplish this requirement? Choose 2 answers

3. What determines whether a user can create a new record using a specific record type?

4. Service agents are required to confirm a user identity before providing support information over the phone.

What feature can an app builder use to help agents meet this requirement?

5. On the Account Lightning record page, users need to see ten fields and the ability to sort and wrap text on their Related Lists.

What Related List type would the app builder select for the Related List Lightning component?

6. Ursa Major Solar (UMS) has a custom object where they track Galactic Vendors.

The object has four custom fields for the Galactic Vendors's location:

Street (Street_c)

City (City_c)

Planet (Planet_c)

Galaxy (Galaxy_c)

The UMS's leadership wants these fields to be concatenated into a single formula field on two lines.

Which formula fulfills this requirement?

7. Which statements are true regarding Roll-Up Summary fields? (select all that apply)

8. The director of marketing has asked the app builder to create a formula field that tracks how many days have elapsed since a contact was sent a marketing communication. The director is only interested in whole units .

Which function should be used to calculate the difference?

9. What type of field can be referenced by a Roll-up Summary field using SUM? Choose 3 answers

10. DreamHouse Realty (DR) employees started using company-owned airplanes for work travel after Ursa Major Solar was acquired. DR executives want to automate the submission travel request forms to enforce the Internal policy.

How should an app builder automate travel requests based on these criteria?


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  • Marcelo Reply

    Wrong answers for the questions 50 and 49.

    Multiple currenciescorrect
    Field-Level Securitycorrect
    Validation Rulescorrect
    Record type picklist value assignmentscorrect
    Decimal places and character limits

    Process Buildercorrect
    Lighting Flowcorrect

    January 12, 2022 at 9:52 pm
    • test Reply

      Thanks for your feedback, you can leave your answers, our colleague will check for it.

      February 26, 2022 at 3:37 am

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