Download Professional VMware Security 2V0-81.20 Free Dumps Questions

Download Professional VMware Security 2V0-81.20 Free Dumps Questions

Get update Professional VMware Security 2V0-81.20 Exam Questions For VCP-SEC 2022 Certification.  It is a 70-item exam, with a passing score of 300 using a scaled scoring method. Candidates are given 130 minutes to complete the exam. If you are preparing for VMware 2V0-81.20 exam, you should get rofessional VMware Security 2V0-81.20 Free Dumps Questions to pass in the first try. 

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1. In an NSX-T Data Center deployment, micro-segmentation via security policies is accomplished using which component?

2. Which Carbon Black Cloud feature allows an administrator to audit at scale and identify gaps in least privilege configuration controls?

3. Considering the NSX Manager Node, what is VMware's recommended size for a typical production deployment?

4. When creating a firewall rule in NSX-T Data Center, what are the three valid options in the action column? (Choose three.)

5. An administrator is trying to secure Workspace ONE components with firewall rules.

What port and protocol does the administrator need to allow for Secure LDAP to Active Directory?

6. A consulting security firm was hired to inspect your infrastructure for vulnerabilities.

The firm inspected these items:

badge readers to enter the datacenter

locks on server racks

security cameras in the datacenter

What type of infrastructure are they inspecting?

7. Which two options are available for Windows Update Source when creating a Windows Profile for patch management in a Workspace ONE deployment? (Choose two.)

8. Which of the following statements is true about Monitor Port Mirroring Sessions in NSX-T Data Center?

9. When creating a compliance policy in Workspace ONE UEM, which three of the following options are valid Notify actions? (Choose three.)

10. Which are two use cases for NSX Intelligence? (Choose two.)


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