5V0-41.21 VMware NSX-T Data Center 3.1 Security Actual Questions

5V0-41.21 VMware NSX-T Data Center 3.1 Security Actual Questions

Promoting the newly released 5V0-41.21 practice exam is an excellent opportunity to reach out to potential candidates who are looking to validate their network security skills. Our 5V0-41.21 practice exam is specifically designed to help candidates prepare for the real exam. The practice exam covers all the important topics covered in the actual exam and provides a valuable opportunity for individuals to test their knowledge and identify areas where they need to improve.

The VMware NSX-T Data Center 3.1 Security exam is designed to test an individual’s understanding of network security concepts and their ability to administer and troubleshoot NSX-T Data Center security solutions. This exam is a crucial step for professionals who are looking to advance their careers and gain recognition as experts in their field.

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In conclusion, the 5V0-41.21 practice exam is an essential tool for anyone who is preparing for the VMware NSX-T Data Center 3.1 Security exam. The practice exam helps candidates to identify their strengths and weaknesses, improve their knowledge and increase their confidence in taking the real exam. By preparing with our 5V0-41.21 practice exam, individuals can feel confident in their ability to pass the real exam and advance their careers in network security.

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1. An NSX administrator is trying to find the dvfilter name of the sa-web-01 virtual machine to capture the sa-web-01 VM traffic.

What could be a reason the sa-web-01 VM dvfilter name is missing from the command output?

2. At which two intervals are NSX-T IDS/IPS updates through VMware's cloud based internet service provided for threat signature files? (Choose two.)

3. An administrator wants to configure NSX-T Security Groups inside a distributed firewall rule.

Which menu item would the administrator select to configure the Security Groups?

4. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator needs to configure a security policy with a firewall rule allowing a group of applications to retrieve the correct time from an NTP server.

Which is the category to configure this security policy and firewall rule?

5. Which three security objects are provided as an output in a recommendation session in NSX Intelligence? (Choose three.)

A. context profiles

B. distributed firewall rules

C. security service

D. gateway firewall rules

E. security groups

6. Which three are required to configure a firewall rule on a getaway to allow traffic from the internal to web servers? (Choose three.)

7. Which are the four use cases for NSX Tags?

8. A security administrator is required to protect East-West virtual machine traffic with the NSX Distributed Firewall.

What must be completed with the virtual machine's vNIC before applying the rules?

9. In a brownfield environment with NSX-T Data Center deployed and configured, a customer is interested in Endpoint Protection integrations.

What recommendation should be provided to the customer when it comes to their existing virtual machines?

10. Which is the port number used by transport nodes to export firewall statistics to NSX Manager?


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