Try Free IBM C1000-055 Sample Questions and Answers

Try Free IBM C1000-055 Sample Questions and Answers

You can try free IBM C1000-055 Sample Questions and Answers for your IBM QRadar SIEM V7.3.2 Deployment exam. FreeTestShare C1000-055 exam questions are available online to provide you with the latest C1000-055 exam questions with the precise answer to make sure that you can prepare for C1000-055 exam well and finally, you can pass IBM C1000-055 exam successfully. With IBM C1000-055 Sample Questions and Answers, you don’t need to go to academy classes as you can practice IBM C1000-055 practice questions and answers by just sitting on your real exam.

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1. A company has specific data retention policies to keep log data online for 5 years. The current QRadar storage will not handle this amount of data.

Which are possible solutions? (Choose two)

2. A deployment professional wishes to implement a QRadar product which provides network topology, active attack paths and high-risk assets risk-score adjustment on assets based on policy compliance.

Which product would the deployment professional deploy to achieve this?

3. QRadar is configured to periodically update an IP address list from a 3rd party threat intelligence provider using the Threat Intelligence app. The IP address data is used in a CRE rule to create an offense in case a connection attempt toward any IP address on the list is seen.

Which QRadar component stores the collected IP address data?

4. A deployment professional needs to configure the X-Force Threat Intelligence Feed through a web proxy to access the cloud servers hosting the information.

How should the deployment professional configure the proxy for this access?

5. What are anomaly detection rules used for?

6. During a new deployment, the client states that they want to collect windows logs and forward them to QRadar, but they are already using another agent to collect logs for a managed service provider [MSP] The client would like to continue forwarding these logs to the MSP as well as send them to QRadar.

Which architectural solutions would meet the client's requirements?

7. A deployment professional needs to clear out the Asset Database in IBM QRadar .

Which service on the Console is restarted when script is executed?

8. The deployment professional needs to pull events from an HR system that are recorded in a database .

Which protocol would be used to collect the data?

9. A deployment professional has been asked to create some Reference Data to be used to provide additional information in the results of Ariel Query Language (AQL) queries. The data will enable a lookup that finds the users's Department based on the username which will be returned by the required AQL function when looked up in the reference data.

Which Reference Data should the deployment professional create for this purpose?

10. An application developer is working on a reporting tool that fetches and visualizes data from multiple data sources. The deployment professional is asked to explain how to make authenticated requests on QRadar using its REST API interface.

Which authentication method is supported by QRadar's REST API?



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