Try Update Using HPE OneView HPE2-T37 Dumps Questions

Try Update Using HPE OneView HPE2-T37 Dumps Questions

If you are preparing for HPE2-T37 exam, you should get FreeTestShare Using HPE OneView HPE2-T37 Dumps Questions to pass in the first try. This HPE2-T37 Dumps Questions will assist you in determining the types of questions and topics that will be covered on the HPE2-T37 test. HPE2-T37 exam questions and answers from FreeTestShare are the greatest way to ensure your success in only one sitting. By practicing with our HPE2-T37 Dumps Questions, you will be able to easily answer all the questions.  Test your knowledge with Using HPE OneView HPE2-T37 Dumps Questions and compare your score to the verified answers to determine if you are prepared for the real exam questions.

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1. Which locations are supported for HPE OneView remote scheduled backup? (Choose two.)

2. How will setting the Purpose field within the network definition of a server profile impact the network traffic?


You need to make sure that server ports connected to this network cannot communicate with each other within the logical interconnect. Click the option within the network definition that will allow you to configure the required parameter.

4. You want to put two FlexNlCs into a single Link Aggregation Group within a server profile .

What Is a prerequisite for this setup?

5. Your customer wants to use HPE OneView for VMware vCenter Server to simplify management of their VMware cluster running on HPE Synergy. The customer is concerned with the cost of additional licenses.

How will you explain licensing rules for this product?


Click the option that will prevent the appliance from sending any email notifications or forwarding any SNMP traps that are related to the server hardware.

7. Why would you install an HPE OneView corticate to HPE BladeSystem Onboard Administrator?


Click the option that must be configured for an HPE OneView when an HPE storage system is connected directly to an HPE Synergy frame.

9. Your customer is considering HPE Synergy as a hardware platform for visualization workload. The customer environment is wry dynamic, and they often have to modify hypervisor networking.

Which resource provided by HPE should you discuss with this customer?

10. Refer to the exhibit.

Which statement about the logical interconnect shown is true?


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