How To Pass Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Exam?

How To Pass Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Exam?

If you are worried about how to pass Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Exam? Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer program is designed for developers who have hands-on experience developing for Marketing Cloud. FreeTestShare Marketing Cloud Developer dumps will be the most beneficial option for people who need aid with their preparation. When you take the Marketing Cloud Developer exam, you’ll notice that every question on the test matches to the Marketing Cloud Developer Dumps. FreeTestShare Marketing Cloud Developer dumps fully describe what you will face on the real exam, allowing you to pass the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer exam quickly.

Try free sample exam questions to assess yourself.

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1. When appending data to links via Web Analytics Connector, which parameter should be used to track subscriber behavior?

2. Which encryption methods are supported in file imports? Choose 2.

3. A developer wants to include a comment within an AMPscript code block for the benefit of other developers who will be reviewing the code.

Which syntax should the developer use?

4. Northern Trail Outfitters has an Enterprise 2.0 account with 15 business units. Each business unit can access a Shared Data Extension named 'Inventory', which contains the details for each product. A Boolean field named 'InStock' indicates whether the item is available.

Which snippet of AMPscript would return all products which are currently available?

5. A developer needs to configure an Email Send Logging Data Extension for a new business unit .

Which option should be used?

6. 1.A developer wants to personalize a welcome email with the recipient's first name from the Customers data extension, which is different from the targeted sending data extension named NewSubscribers. Both data extensions contain the unique identifier in a field named CustomerKey .

Which AMPscript Syntax would populate the first name personalization as requested?

7. NTO puts the word TEST at the beginning of the name for each test emai .

Which query would return the subs who were sent those emails?

8. Contact Builder can be used to create a relational model of an organization's data within Marketing Cloud .

Which three factors should be taken into consideration when preparing data to be used in Contact Builder? Choose 3 answer

9. A developer wants to create a Send Log Data Extension to increase efficiency with tracking email sends.

Which two best practices should the developer remember when configuring the Send Log Data Extension? Choose 2 answers

10. NTO is reconsidering the requirement to have English, Spanish and French versions of their email campaigns. They request a developer to create a query which aggregates clicks grouped by language of the recipient. Language is stored in a Profile Attribute .

Which two Data Views would be included in the query? Choose 2 answer


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