How To Become a Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant?

How To Become a Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant?

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1. What features of can managers use to help sales representatives meet their quotas? Choose 2 answers

2. Universal Containers (UC) has established Sales Ops teams. As part of the sales process, Tasks are used to track all customer interactions. UC wants any available Sales Ops team member to handle these Tasks as soon as possible.

Which Salesforce functionality should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement?

3. Cloud Kicks (CK) plans to implement Advanced Currency Management for its Salesforce implementation. CK has Roll-up Summary fields on the Account and Opportunity.

What should CK consider when enabling Advanced Currency Management in its Salesforce org?

4. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has automated the process of creating new account records in salesforce. All account records created through this process are owned by a generic user. There are now two million account records that have been created in this manner. NTO is now seeing performance issues when it makes any changes to account sharing rules .

What can NTO do to address the issue without changing its integration?

5. A consultant has conducted Discovery sessions with Cloud Kicks stakeholders and is ready to start gathering user cases for Sales Processes.

Which two groups should provide content for the use cases? Choose 2 answers

6. During a Discovery session at Cloud Kicks, a topic is highlighted that

How should the consultant proceed?

7. The Discovery phase with Cloud Kicks (CK) has just ended. CK wants a visual way to see how the new processes will work. CK's process is complex and requires multiple slides.

What should the consultant design to give CK this high-level view?

8. Cloud Kicks' VP of Technology wants to start using Salesforce for all of the sales teams automation. 70 million records were all migrated from a legacy database to the data warehouse that will be synced with Sales force. Cloud Kicks wants to be able to search and cross-reference records with the original source database .

What should a Consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

9. A consultant is meeting with a nonprofit client for the first time to discuss implementing the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. The client outlines their current processes, including the standard and custom objects they use in Salesforce.

What two topics should the consultant consider during the analyze phase of the implementation? Choose 2 answers

10. The sales director does not want users viewing each other's Opportunities, but wants users to check to see that the Account does not already exist prior to creating a new Account .

Which Organization-Wide Default should the Consultant recommend?


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