How to become Salesforce Certified Associate?

How to become Salesforce Certified Associate?

To become a Salesforce Certified Associate, you will need to pass an exam that covers the basic features and functionality of the Salesforce platform. Before you start studying, make sure you understand what is covered on the exam so you can focus your efforts on the right areas. The best way to prepare for the exam is to get hands-on experience with the Salesforce platform.There are many online and in-person training courses available to help you prepare for the Salesforce Certified Associate exam. These Salesforce Associate exam questions can provide a structured study plan and give you a deeper understanding of the concepts covered on the exam.

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1. Get Cloudy Consulting (GCC) has recently been onboarded as a Salesforce customer. GCC wants to enroll its in-house IT administration team in a Salesforce instructor-led training workshop.

Which resource provides virtual and in-person learning that should help the team accelerate their Salesforce knowledge?

2. Get Cloudy Consulting (GCC) wants to simplify its sales teams Account Record page with the following recommendations:

• Adding tabs

• Hiding components

• Making fields conditionally visible

Where should GCC's Salesforce associate go to draft these changes for review?

3. A Salesforce associate at Get Cloudy Consulting is working with a user to view multiple records and their related records on the same screen. Currently, the user uses multiple browser tabs.

Which app should the associate recommend for the user to view multiple records and their related records on one screen?

4. A Salesforce standard profile end user is looking for specific information on an Opportunity record page. They are overwhelmed by the required scrolling to see the page.

What should the user do to simplify the page to see only what they want?

5. How should a Salesforce associate ensure a dashboard has the most current data?

6. A Salesforce associate recently relocated from Get Cloudy Consulting s San Francisco office to its new London office. The associate wants to change their work hours information in the Salesforce org to reflect their new time zone.

Which method is easiest to change these settings?

7. Which Trailhead feature should Get Cloudy Consulting use to create a custom teaming path for its employees?

8. Refer to the screenshot that shows the Home page.

A Salesforce associate wants to reorder items in their instance so the Reports tab appears immediately after Home.

What should the associate do to customize the items on the navigation bar?

9. A Salesforce associate deletes an Account of a company that recently went out of business.

Which other related records are automatically deleted?

10. When a sales rep needs to give an additional discount for an opportunity, a manager needs to review and authorize the discount request.

What should be used to lock the record before a decision is made?


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