Tips To Get Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant Certification

Tips To Get Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant Certification

To assist candidates to get Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant Certification, FreeTestShare offers 100% real Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant dumps that will not only help you pass your exam but will also make you an expert in technical knowledge, allowing you to operate in the industry at the highest level of excellence. FreeTestShare has compiled a comprehensive collection of Education Cloud Consultant exam questions and answers to guide you through your Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant Exam preparation easily.

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1. A university Alumni Relations office is replacing its legacy system with Salesforce. The consultant needs to load a large volume of alumni contact records into a new Salesforce environment.

Which two actions should the consultant take?

2. A college needs to extend capabilities of its existing Salesforce environment that uses the Education Data Architecture (EDA). The college want to ensure that any future apps and configurations are compatible and support the Table Driven Trigger Management (TDTM) Functionality.

3. The director of advising wants to better understand why students are meeting with their advisors.

Which Advisor Link Feature should the consultant include in a report?

4. An elementary school plans to implement the K-12 Architecture Kit in a new org. The school want to be able to send SMS messengers to parents.

Which solution should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement?

5. A college wants to extend its existing Education Data Architecture org to support the Advancement department's fundraising needs.

What should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement?

6. The Dean of the Business school has a dashboard that displays the application yield by program, geographic distribution of applicants, and recruitment pipeline. The Dean wants the same reports for program directors. Sharing settings have been configured so program directors can only see recruitment and application information for their own program.

How can the consultant meet the business requirement?

7. A college is interested in best practice and tips on Salesforce date foverance.

Which resource should the consultant recommend?

8. The Advancement office wants to replace its legacy system with Salesforce and has hired a consultant to help them build a CRM Strategy.

What are two recommendations the consultant should make to meet this requirement?

9. A college wants to expand Its existing Salesforce environment to include adviser Link.

Students will need to create and edit appointments with their advisor.

Which two Customer Community licenses can be used which Advisor Link?

10. A school district is reopening after global pandemic. It has an existing Salesforce org configured with the K-12 Architecture kit. The school district wants to leverage Command Center for schools in its existing org.

What should the consultant advise?


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