Free Updated Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer Dumps Questions

Free Updated Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer Dumps Questions

The latest Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer Dumps Questions are newly updated for your preparation. It covers 75 real questions and answers to help you practice for your real test. After studying updated Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer Dumps Questions, you will study the latest questions with real exam objectives to ensure your final success. Here we share part of free Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer Dumps Questions, you can search our site to get full version.

Check free User Experience Designer practice exam below.

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1. Universal Containers (UC) operates worldwide with offices in more than 100 regions in 10 different countries role hierarchy to control data visibility. In the new fiscal year, UC is planned to reorganize the roles and reassign accounts owners .

Which two point should an Architect consider in this situation? Choose 2 answers

2. A UX Designer is in the process of designing a new page layout for a custom object in Salesforce.

How should the designer ensure the best end-user experience?

3. A Development team is not valuing the results of a usability testing session.

How should acceptance of the results be increased?

4. A UX Designer needs to create a visual representation of a user’s series of steps to achieve a meaningful goal.

Which UX design method should be used?

5. Cloud Kicks wants its Discovery team to help explain the relationships between process steps and business teams.

Which types of process map should they produce?

6. Cloud Kicks needs functional components that will be used on many pages. The components need to be consistent with the look and feel of Lightning Experience.

What does the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) provide that will ensure consistency?

7. Cloud Kicks (CK) is planning its Einstein Bot implementation and has identified common issues the bot can resolve. CK has determined that extensive technical planning is needed for bot effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Which additional element(s) would be essential?

8. Service agents are complaining that the new custom object to track reservation has too many fields and is duttering their layouts. All of the fields are necessary, but they would like to display fields and sections of the record as individual components on the page layout with visibility depending on where they are in the reservation process.

Which feature should be recommended?

9. A UX Designer is creating a custom To-Do List component to replace the standard Salesforce one. Their developer is using a parent-child Lightning Web Component (LWC) structure to build the component, creating a parent component for the list and a single repeated child component for each To-Do Item within the list.

Which two impacts of the LWC’s Shadow DOM should be considered when designing or

developing the stylesheets for these components? Choose 2 answers

10. How should a UX designer differentiate between a voice and a tone?


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