2022 Free Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Certification Dumps Questions

2022 Free Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Certification Dumps Questions

If you want to become a Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder, you can get help here. Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification is the credential that demonstrates the test taker’s ability to declaratively customize the standard applications or declaratively build a totally custom application. Certified Platform App Builder Certification Dumps will help you better comprehend the information included in the actual exam.Taking a peek at this free Certified Platform App Builder practice test can give you an idea of what it takes to pass these difficult exams.

To check how prepared you are, take a free practice exam right now!

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1. When configuring a record type, an App Builder can configure the available value of a picklist field for the page layout .

Which opportunity standard field is available to be configured directly in the Opportunity record type? Choose 2 answers

2. Ursa Major Solar wants to convert the relationship between Galaxy and Star from a lookup relationship to a master-detail relationship so each Galaxy record can be equipped with a roll-up summary count of Star records.

Which two considerations should be made? Choose 2 answers

3. A custom field contains a feedback score which is on a scale of one to five. End users would like a visual indicator of one to five stars based on the number found in the feedback score custom field .

How can this visual indicator be displayed?

4. Which attribute must field have to be used in external modeling?

5. What is a use case for validation rules?

6. Universal containers needs to flag Leads with one or more business areas. They need to add a

field to capture these to the Lead records. There is no need to report on this field.

What is the appropriate field type?

7. A customer service representative at Cloud Kicks wants to be able to collect information from customers using a prompts. Once the questions are completed, an email should be sent to the customer with a feedback form.

What should be used to accomplish this?

8. Ursa Major Solar's sales team has been struggling to enter data on mobile since rollout; the team dislikes scrolling through all of the fields to input only the necessary data.

How could the app builder solve this with minimal impact to desktop users?

9. When should Unmanaged packages be created? Choose 2 answers

10. UVC has two types of customer support processes: Platinum and Diamond. The App Builder created separate record types for each process on the Case Object. The customer support team should not be able to create new cases with the Diamond record type .

How can this requirement be met?


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