How to Pass Salesforce Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect Exam?

How to Pass Salesforce Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect Exam?

To help you become a Salesforce Certified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect, FreeTestShare Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect Exam Dumps are designed to provide you with information on the real test. These Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect Exam Dumps will help you get familiar with the kind of questions that will appear on the actual test, FreeTestShare will help you quickly pass the Salesforce Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect exam with actual questions and answers.

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1. Universal Containers (UC) uses a managed package to install an internal Sales app in five orgs. Within each org there are integrations and local processes with the objects of the managed package. UC wants to use unlocked packages for better integration with CI/CD processes.

What would the Salesforce architect recommend for this migration?

2. Universal Containers are concerned that after each release, reports and dashboards seem to roll back to previous versions. Executives spend many hours crafting these dashboards to perfectly meet their needs, and are now questioning the Salesforce platform’s ability to save things, even data records.

What can the Salesforce architect advise to stop the rollbacks from happening?

3. Universal Containers (UC) has created a custom REST web service. This web service receives Orders and Order Line Items data from an external endpoint and runs business logic and validations on it before inserting it into the database. UC is expecting to receive more than 100K orders a day and each order can have up to 10 line items. Each inbound request will contain only one order and its corresponding line items.

What two testing types should an architect recommend to ensure users don't face platform slowdowns during peak business hours? Choose 2 answers

4. The opportunity Service and opportunity Service Test classes are in package A but are used only in package B. Both second-generation packages have the same namespace. Therefore, they should be moved to package B for better organization and control.

What should the architect recommend for this process?

5. Universal Containers has an active production org; and they are planning to release some new features to it next month. The team is working to prepare .1 deployment plan and reached out to the technical architect for inputs on rollback strategy.

What should a technical architect recommend?

6. Universal Containers is looking to construct a continuous integration process to help manage code quality.

Which three tools should be used to enable this? Choose 3 answers

7. A developer with Universal Containers recently created a flow in the developer sandbox. While working on the flow, the developer deactivated it and made updates multiple times before the flow worked as desired. Now the developer is planning to use a change set to migrate the flow to the QA sandbox.

What two statements should be considered when migrating the flow with change sets? Choose 2 answers

8. Which two ways should a developer working on a data loading integration that operates between different Salesforce environments insert multiple related records in one call or transaction? Choose 2 answers

9. Universal Containers (UC) has recently acquired other companies that have their own Salesforce orgs. These companies have been merged as new UC business units.

The CEO has requested an architect to review the org strategy, taking into consideration two main factors:

• The CEO wants business process standardization among all business units.

• Business process integration is not required as the different business units have different customers and expertise.

Which org strategy should the architect recommend in this scenario, and why?

10. Universal Containers has five development teams. The performance of the teams has been good, but the number of bugs has been increasing. After each sprint, they need more time to understand the code and make changes.

What are two ways to improve the performance? Choose 2 answers


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