Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Exam Questions With Valid Dumps

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Exam Questions With Valid Dumps

Preparing for Your Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification is designed for individuals who have experience designing Sales Cloud solutions and are preparing to take the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification exam. If you are looking for some help for your Sales Cloud Consultant exam preparation and the assurance of getting your exam passed, you’re at the right page. These Sales Cloud Consultant practice exams can help you clear your doubts and prepare for the exam!

To discover how prepared you are, take this sample exam first!

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1. Cloud Kicks (CK) is migrating Account and Contact information from a legacy CRM system into Salesforce using Data Loader. Accounts in the legacy system have a unique ID field that is used to related Contacts to Accounts in the legacy system, CK wants to automatically match these Contacts to the relevant Accounts when loading Contacts into Salesforce.

What should a consultant recommend to meet the requirement?

2. During the requirements gathering workshops at Cloud Kicks, the project team and subject matter experts bring up new ideas to incorporate4 into the current project.

Which best practice should the consultant use to refocus the meeting and stay on topic?

3. Cloud Kicks (CK) has implemented different sales stages across its varied product lines.

CK wants to deploy Collaborative Forecasting to all sales users.

Which two statements should a consultant consider when enabling forecasting? Choose 2 answers

4. The Cloud Kicks sales team can create leads for both business and individual customers.

Person accounts have been enabled in its Salesforce org.

How can the consultant ensure that Leads are converted into either a business account or a person account where appropriate?

5. The sales manager at a company has noticed that sales teams are having trouble understanding who should an Opportunity. Sales teams base their sales Opportunities on assignments to specific ZIP codes.

Which solution should the consultant recommend?

6. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is preparing for the launch of its new sales cloud implementation to a global user base. With previous sales automation application, the company had slow adoption of the new solution .

What factor should be considered with the sales cloud deployment to help ensure the adoption? Choose 3 answers

7. Cloud Kicks is expanding to international markets, but some products are not visible in the international price book .

Which two steps should be taken? Choose 2 answers

8. Cloud Kicks has organization-wide defaults set to Private for Account.

With the rollout of Opportunity Teams, what should a consultant consider?

9. What actions can a consultant take during the project planning phase to ensure client stakeholder goals are met? Choose 2 answers

10. Cloud Kicks has enabled the Einstein Lead Scoring feature and rolled out Sales Cloud Einstein to ptkst users. The pilot users are unable to view the Lead Score field on me Lead record page.

Which two steps should the consultant take to fix this issue? Choose 2 answers


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Comments (2)

  • Florian Buescher Reply

    many questions show 3 correct answers where only 2 are required! Question 63 is an example: Only 2 answers are correct but the solution shows 3 green checkmarks, 1 for an incorrect answer! This test is unusable because of this!

    May 10, 2022 at 7:48 am
  • Florian Buescher Reply

    The answer to Question 85 is wrong!
    Correct answer: “Manually recreate the email and mail merge templates in salesforce”

    May 10, 2022 at 8:15 am

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