LSA architecture 8.6 PEGAPCLSA86V2 Real Questions

LSA architecture 8.6 PEGAPCLSA86V2 Real Questions

Are you ready to take your skills to the next level? The Pega LSA Architecture Version 8.6 exam is your opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in design and architecture of Pega applications. To help you prepare for this exam, we’ve updated our LSA architecture 8.6 PEGAPCLSA86V2 Real Questions which are designed to give you a taste of what to expect on the actual exam and to help you assess your knowledge of the material. Make sure to take advantage of this valuable resource and start your journey to becoming a Pega LSA certified professional today! Get started with our updated LSA architecture 8.6 PEGAPCLSA86V2 sample questions now!

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1. Using the information shown in the case structure below, which option is always true?

2. You are configuring a new version of a data transform that is partially complete. During testing, you want to be able to use previous of the rule.

select the rule configuration that enable you to save ans check in the record with validation error and allows previous versions of the rule to execute.

3. You isolated the problem to node ! of the cluster. Y see node 1 goes down shortly «ift<rr 3:00 P.M. every day with an out-of-memory error.

What is the likely cause of the out of-memory error?

4. An end user of the application experienced a browser crash while working on a highly available system. Crash recovery is enabled. Does the user to be reauthenticated?

5. XYZ Corp users are experiencing delays in the application that you suspect is related to the database

Which two options do you recommend to isolate the issue? (Choose Two)

6. you are writing a report that needs to compute the sum of multipul columns and display the result.

The number of columns to sum varies from report to report but does not exceed five.

which two options can you use to implement this requirement? (choose two)


application ABC defines and creates survey cases based on a customer s profile. a second

application, ABCproxy, is hosted in a cloud environment. the ABC proxy application creates a survey proxy case on demand from application ABC. The questions contained in the survey case are transferred to the survey proxy case. customers answer questions on the survey using the ABC proxy application. the completed survey information is passed back to the survey case created by application ABC. the company wants to use REST services to accomplish this interface. select and move the three options that are needed to satisfy the requirement to the configuration columns and place.

8. You are audit a property named. Generic Code. The label on the form is named suggested generic substitute. when the field value changes, you want the history details to show as the name of the label.

you also want to record the name of the property

How do you ensure that the entry shows both the label and the property name?

9. You add database connection information to prconfig.xml and want to encrypt the password in the connection information how do you encrypt the password?

10. The application contains a property named claimid. You want to business users to reuse this property in any new case types they create.

How do you define the claimid property?


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