PCDC Version 8.7 PEGAPCDC87V1 Updated Dumps

PCDC Version 8.7 PEGAPCDC87V1 Updated Dumps

The Certified Pega Decisioning Consultant (PCDC) 87V1 exam is a certification exam for professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in using the Pega platform to create and implement decisioning solutions. This exam covers topics such as creating and managing decision strategies, working with data and analytics, and troubleshooting and tuning decisioning solutions.

The PEGAPCDC87V1 practice exam is a valuable resource for individuals preparing for the PCDC 87V1 exam. PCDC Version 8.7 PEGAPCDC87V1 dumps are newly updated, which are designed to help candidates test their knowledge and skills, identify areas of weakness, and improve their chances of passing the PCDC 87V1 exam. To prepare for the PCDC 87V1 exam, we recommend taking the PEGAPCDC87V1 practice exam multiple times, this will help you to understand the material better and be better prepared for the actual exam.

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1. A bank wants to present the Rewards Card offer on the top right of the customers’ account page when they log in. Select the placement type of the treatment design.

2. U+, a retail bank, has recently implemented a project in which credit card offers are presented to qualified customers when they log in to the web self-service portal. To show the offers per the bank’s requirements, the bank added all existing contact policy conditions.

What is the immediate next step they should take?

3. Reference module: Sharing action details with third-party distributors.

A bank has chosen an email service provider to deliver the offer messages selected by Pega Customer Decision Hub. The service provider prefers that the bank uploads a file per batch of customers to a cloud storage location, either on Microsoft Azure or Amazon S3. As a consultant working on the project representing the bank, what is your response?

4. Pega customer Decision Hub enables organizations to make Next-Best decisions.

To which type of a decision is Next-Best-Action applied?

5. A bank would like to write action details to a file so that it can be shared with a third-party email distributor. The bank has instructed their consultant to ensure the action details are finalized at the end of each run.

In this context, what does finalization mean?

6. U+ Bank uses a scorecard rule in a decision strategy to compute the mortgage limit for a customer. U+ Bank updated their scorecard to include a new property in the calculation: customer income.

What changes do you need to make in the decision strategy for the updated scorecard to take effect?

7. Which statement best describes the goal of Next-Best-Action?

8. To calculate the total number of customer responses of four actions in a group, you must use________________.

9. MyCo, a telecommunications company, wants to implement one-to-one customer engagement using Pega Customer Decision Hub™.

Which of the following real-time channels can the company use to present Next-Best-Actions? (Choose Three)

10. An outbound run identifies 150 Standard card offers, 75 on email, and 75 on the SMS channel.

If the following volume constraint is applied, how many actions are delivered by the outbound run?



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