Free Pegasystems PEGAPCDS86V1 Exam Questions & Practice Tests

Free Pegasystems PEGAPCDS86V1 Exam Questions & Practice Tests

The Pega Certified Data Scientist (PCDS) certification exam is for data scientists who wish to acquaint themselves with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully apply AI in Pega Customer Decision Hub and Pega Customer Service. Now the latest version is PCDS Version 8.6 PEGAPCDS86V1 exam.

If you are preparing or planning on PEGAPCDS86V1 exam, you can try these PEGAPCDS86V1 sample exam questions to see if you are ready for the real exam. FreeTestShare 100% authentic PEGAPCDS86V1 Exam Questions cover 100% real exam questions and answers to help you pass the PEGAPCDS86V1 exam fast! Here are PEGAPCDS86V1 exam questions with correct answers for you to test yourself! Get started now!

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1. What happens when you increase the performance threshold setting of an Adaptive Model rule?

2. In a Prioritize component, the best action can be determined based on the value of

3. An online store is interested in increasing its revenues from cross-selling and wants to predict the acceptance rate of the offers presented on their website.

A customer's propensity to accept an offer increases when___________________. .

4. You are a company with a new and unique product, and you want to offer it to the right customer.

Given the scenario, which rule type should you use?

5. In a Set Property component, the Rank value is determined by______________.

6. Which Adaptive Model output is automatically mapped to a strategy property?

7. Which property is automatically recomputed for each decision component?

8. The Prioritize component always outputs

9. U+ Bank has a chat bot to service its customers. When customers initiate a chat, they are asked to describe the issue they would like to resolve. U+ Bank wants to increase customer satisfaction by assigning the support agent from the correct department to help the customer.

As a data scientist, you need to create a model which will predict the correct department based on the customer's input. To do this you build a_______________.

10. As a Data Scientist you want to use a predictive model to detect potential churn for a telco company .

Which three options do you have? (Choose Three)


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