PEGAPCBA86V1 Real Questions For Pega Certified Business Architect (PCBA) 86V1

PEGAPCBA86V1 Real Questions For Pega Certified Business Architect (PCBA) 86V1

Get PEGAPCBA86V1 Real Questions to pass your Pega Certified Business Architect (PCBA) 86V1 exam in the first try. The Pega Certified Business Architect (PCBA) Version 8.6 certification concentrates on the ability to participate in the design and construction of a Pega application, by incorporating business objectives and requirements. PEGAPCBA86V1 practice test is a meaningful way to test your skills before taking the certification exam. The PEGAPCBA86V1 practice exam is free for everyone and contains real exam questions.

Try these PEGAPCBA86V1 sample questions to check whether you are ready for your exam!

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1. What type of step typically requires contextual instructions?

2. You have a data page with product data. The data page is configured to reload if it is older than 1 day.

If the data page was created at 9am on Monday morning, which of the following best describes when the data page will reload? (Choose One)

3. A home loan application requires application the legal team manager and the Finance team manager. The Legal team manager must approve before the Finance team manager .

How do you configure this requirement?

4. In a job application case, a hiring manager needs to receive an automatic email notification when the case reaches a Collect Work Sample assignment .

How would you configure this correspondance requirement?

5. Direct Capture of Objectives (DCO) provides many benefits .

Which of the following are benefits of DCO? (Choose Two)

6. You are configuring a declarative network that contains eleven declare expressions to calculate the interest rate for a home mortgage. For example, the target value Property Tax Assessment is used as a source value when calculating the Assessed Property Value. The declare expressions use target values from other expressions to calculate their target values. The field that displays the interest rate appears on the approval form.

To improve performance, how can you reduce the number of calculations?

7. Which requirement is best implemented using a Wait step in a case

8. What two items should a developer configure before delegating a rule?(Choose Two)

9. A government application provides field placeholder values to help users enter the correct data. The Design Lead has asked you to increase the font size on all field placeholder value components to help visually impaired users.

Which configuration applies the font styling requirement on the field placeholder values in the application?

10. An internal application currently grants 75 employees access to one of four roles: Admin, Author, User, and Manager. A new analyst who joins the company requires all the Author role access but only some of the reporting capabilities available to the Manager role.

How do you satisfy this security requirement?


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