Free Pegasystems PEGAPCDS87V1 Practice Exam Questions & Answers

Free Pegasystems PEGAPCDS87V1 Practice Exam Questions & Answers

If you’re looking for help with PEGAPCDS87V1 test preparation, you’ve come to the right place. We provide the most up-to-date Pegasystems PEGAPCDS87V1 Practice Exam Questions & Answers which will ensure your success in PCDS certification examinations. You will find that all of the questions are quite similar to those you would encounter on the actual test. This PEGAPCDS87V1 Practice Exam is designed to provide you with information that will help you get familiar with the kind of questions that will appear on the PEGAPCDS87V1 certification test

Take the PEGAPCDS87V1 practice exam for a single success to evaluate your preparation.

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1. A large online store wants to adapt to changing customer behavior, and at the same time does not want to get earned away by every next hype in the market. Adaptive models can help accomplish both business objectives.

Which statement about adaptive models is correct?

2. You are a company with a new and unique product, and you want to offer it to the right customer.

Given the scenario, which rule type should you use?

3. An online store is interested in increasing its revenues from cross-selling and wants to predict the acceptance rate of the offers presented on their website.

A customer's propensity to accept an offer increases when___________________. .

4. In a decision strategy, to import actions you use a(n)_____________________.

5. You are the Decisioning Consultant on an Al-powered one-to-one Customer Engagement implementation project. You are asked to design the Next-Best-Action prioritization expression that balances the customer needs with the business objectives.

What factors do you consider in the prioritization expression?

6. As a Data Scientist you want to use a predictive model to detect potential churn for a telco company .

Which three options do you have? (Choose Three)

7. A contact center application recommends three actions for a customer. The business team wants to know the possible ways in which these actions can be ordered so that the contact center agent can discuss one proposition at a time, starting from the top.

As a strategy designer, if you use a Prioritize component to order the actions, what are your options?

8. A company wants to capture the sentiment of relevant Twitter messages to allow its customer service representatives to concentrate only on the negative messages.

Sentiment refers to the general attitude of the author towards a subject and can be____________.

9. You can save a regression model as a______________.

10. In a Prioritize component, the best action can be determined based on the value of


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