Download Free Updated Dell EMC DES-1121 Test Questions

Download Free Updated Dell EMC DES-1121 Test Questions

Do you intend to obtain DES-1121 certification? DES-1121 is a qualifying exam for the Specialist – Implementation Engineer, PowerMax and VMAX Family Solutions (DCS-IE) track. To get your desired DES-1121 certification, you must practice with DES-1121 practice exam questions. FreeTestShare is the free way to get you where you want to go. Only a week of preparation is required to pass the DES-1121 exam with flying colors.

This free practice test can now be used to assess your preparation.

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1. A systems administrator asks whether their host is supported for non-disruptive migration (NDM) between PowerMax arrays. The host they plan to migrate has one HBA and no multipathing software.

What information should be provided to the administrator?

2. A systems administrator wants to know how to convert SRDF ports back to FA ports on their PowerMax array.

What information should be provided'?

3. A systems administrator is performing a configuration change on a PowerMax array.

Where does the configuration manager perform the change?

4. From an application perspective what should be done prior to performing an SRDF Fallback operation?


A non-production environment has been created with a VMFS Datastore named TestDS and a virtual machine named TestVM. SRDF/S has been configured between two PowerMax arrays One ESXi server is connected to the R1 device and another is connected to the R2 device. The VMFS Datastore resides on the R1 device. The systems administrator wants to test the environment for disaster recovery readiness. To simulate a disaster on the R1 side a graceful failover will be done.

What is the correct sequence of steps on the R1 side of the test environment to perform a graceful failover?

6. You have just presented storage to an ESXi server and want to rescan the storage adapter to ensure the server can see the new volume.

Based on recommended best practices, what is the preferred method to perform this task?

7. What is a minimum requirement for Dell EMC VSI 8.0 on a VMAX All Flash array?


What is the correct sequence of steps to obtain PowerMax licenses and ensure the PowerMax is configured to allow the licensed features to work properly?

9. What is a recommendation when using Open Replicator to migrate data from a supported third-party array to a VMAX3 array?

10. Which Solutions Enabler daemon is responsible for Oatekeeper management?


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