Free Access To DELL EMC DES-6332 Practice Exam Questions

Free Access To DELL EMC DES-6332 Practice Exam Questions

DES-6332 exam is a qualifying exam for the Specialist – Systems Administrator, VxRail Appliance (DCS-SA) track. This exam focuses on the overall product, hardware, and software components within a VxRail appliance. Before taking the DES-6332 exam, you may test your knowledge with a free DES-6332 practice test. The DES-6332 dumps fully describe what you will face on the real exam, allowing you to pass the DES-6332 exam quickly.These DES-6332 questions and practice exams can help you clear your concerns and prepare for the exam.

Try free DES-6332 practice exam to assess yourself.

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1. A VxRail administrator using the vSphere Client wants to manage the iDRAC configuration of a node.

Which path should be followed?

2. What is a consideration when choosing between vSphere Encryption and vSAN Encryption?

3. You are checking the overall health of the VxRail vSAN environment .

Which VMware interface are you using?

4. What is true about Multitrack VxRail cluster expansion?

5. In a VxRail stretched cluster deployment, what happens when network connectivity is lost between the data sites?

6. Which tool is used to deploy VxRail?

7. While working with a VxRail cluster, an administrator changes a storage policy from RAID-5 to RAID-1 (FTT=1). After making the change, the VMs with the storage policy are still RAID-5.

What is the issue here?

8. A VxRail deployment has eight nodes. The VxRail administrator does not find any compatible datastores when trying to create a storage policy with FTT=2 and FTM=Erasure Coding.

What is the likely reason?

9. As a VxRail administrator you have been asked to configure vSAN fault domains After selecting the VxRail cluster, where would you navigate to in vCenter to accomplish this task?

10. In which deployment scenario could an internal vCenter with an internal DNS deployment model be used?


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