Download 2021 Free DELL EMC DES-6322 Questions and Answers

Download 2021 Free DELL EMC DES-6322 Questions and Answers

DES-6322 exam is a qualifying exam for the Specialist – Implementation Engineer,
VxRail (DCS-IE) track. FreeTestShare provides one of the best quality DES-6322 exam questions resources available. Our DES-6322 Questions and Answers make your preparation process simply because they are designed to help you pass your DELL EMC DES-6322 exam on the first try. By practicing with our DES-6322 Questions and Answers, you will be able to easily answer all the questions.

Free DELL EMC DES-6322 Questions and Answers

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1. Which vSAN feature requires an All-Flash cluster?

2. A VxRail Cluster has just been deployed. Use the VxRail simulator to determine the Service Tag, Model, and ESXJ IP Address of the first node -

Note: It is necessary to dose (x) the simulator window before you can select a response to this question.

3. What environmental components of a 3-node VxRail cluster must be assigned IP addresses?


A VxRail implementation engineer is validating the network environment with NVT. The proposed switch configuration is shown in the exhibit. The ToR Switch information file is available.

Use the VxRail simulator to set up NVT for switch validation. Import the switch Information and tag the ports based on the exhibit.

5. An implementation engineer is working with a customer to prepare an external vCenter Server for a new VxRail deployment with the VxRail-deployed VDS.

What vCenter objects must exist for a successful VxRail deployment?

6. A customer has decided that they will be using the Spanning Tree protocol in their Dell EMC ToR switches.

How should the switch ports used for VxRail be configured to achieve a successful deployment?

7. 1.An implementation engineer is tasked with setting up RecoverPoint for VMs on a new 4-node E Series VxRail duster.

How many VMs are licensed to be protected on the cluster?

8. In a VxRail Stretched Cluster deployment of 8 nodes on between sites?

9. A systems engineer needs to check the health of the nodes and the system VMs to prevent complications or failures during VxRail upgrades.

Which tool must be used to perform the task?

10. A systems engineer is performing a VxRail upgrade in a VMware Horizon VDI cluster All hosts are put in Maintenance Mode.

What action does the engineer need to perform on each host once the upgrade has been completed?


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