2021 Best AEM Sites Architect AD0-E117 Practice Test Questions and Answers

2021 Best AEM Sites Architect AD0-E117 Practice Test Questions and Answers

Adobe Certified Master – AEM Architect certification is the industry-recognized validation of one’s proficiency in Adobe Experience Manager. This certification requires in-depth knowledge of integrating AEM into application servers and web servers, designing a solution architecture, and creating migration solutions. You are required to pass AD0-E117 exam to qualify for this certification.

You may be here for the first time to obtain certification. FreeTestShare AD0-E117 Practice Test covers real AD0-E117 exam questions and answers to help you prepare for the AD0-E117 exam well. With real AEM Sites Architect AD0-E117 Practice Test, you can learn about the exam topics and pattern fast to better adapt to the exam environment. You should try the following AD0-E117 practice test questions to assess yourself.

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1. A company is implementing a new e-commerce site that is expected to get seasonal and flash-sale induced traffic peaks from all over the world. It is projected that a minute of downtime could cause excessive lost revenue. The company management wants to keep resource utilization to optimal levels without experiencing degradation to avoid introducing bugs in the system.

The Architect needs to choose between AEM 6.5 and AEM as Cloud Service.

What are the two most critical non-functional requirements the Architect must consider? (Choose two.)

2. A customer wants to implement an AEM solution to serve localized content to several regional websites .

Which AEM capability should the Architect recommend?

3. A news agency editor wants to publish news articles to an intermediate Publish (preview) instance for internal review before publishing the article to production Publish instance.

Which two steps should the Architect recommend? (Choose two.)

4. An AEM customer is designing a new website. The design shows that images are very prominent on the website but there is a concern about the big variety of aspect ratios used. Images can potentially be used on different places and components on the website. The customer is looking for a maintainable solution to limit the amount of content editing work when adding the assets to the pages.

Which solution should an Architect recommend?

5. A client is in the discovery process for building a React native app, which is a single codebase that runs natively on iOS and Android. The goal is to reduce development costs. The client wants to reduce content creation costs in the new react Native app by reusing as much of the marketing content already publish in their AEM instance.

What should the Architect recommend to meet this requirement?

6. A client using AEM 6.5 on-premise is experiencing an unsustainable repository growth of 100Gb a day. After investigation, an Architect finds out that the DAM is causing this issue. Each image uploaded to the DAM triggers the creation of approximately 100 renditions, necessary by business to consume in different channels and systems. The client also complains about stale content reported by site visitors happening randomly in pages where article-related components are present.

How should the Architect address these issues?

7. An AEM client requests that an Architect to establish non-functional KPIs. The Architect needs to avoid impacting user experience, asset processing, and download speed while doing this.

How should the Architect measure the performance properly to establish target metrics?

8. Refer to the exhibit.

A customer with an existing AEM implementation wants to enrich product pages with technical data coming from their PIM system. The PIM system sits behind an API Management solution that publicly exposes the PIM API's as RESTful web services with basic authentication as the security mechanism. Data consistency with the PIM and secure access to the APIs are key elements of the integration.

How should the Architect set up the integration between AEM and the PIM?

9. During development the AEM Publisher server keeps crashing randomly. The deployment included a new static FAQ component that was used in the websites Contact Us page.

An Architect investigates to find the root cause for the random failures, and notices the following parameters:

• The server slows down when requests are sent to the Contact us page

• The number of requests to the page were very few

• Heap dump shows a large number of instances of the FAQ component What is likely causing this issue?

10. A client wants to change how they publish their content.

Refer to the following client business requirements:

• The client has a seasonal business that has significant content changes across their site that need to be rolled out at once based on the season change over date.

• The content authors need to be able to work one season in advance of publish dates to ensure that all changes can be completed on time.

• The content authors need a way to indicate that all the seasonal changes are ready. If the content changes are not completed, then the pages should not get published.

• The content authors need the ability to modify the current live pages without rolling back changes for a future content rollout.

What approach should the Architect recommend?


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