Download Adobe Analytics Developer AD0-E213 Dumps Questions

Download Adobe Analytics Developer AD0-E213 Dumps Questions

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1. Identify the function from below which is not performed by ID Service cookies?

a. Access or store personally identifiable information (PII) like your email address.

B. Persist this unique ID so the ID service can collect and share data with other Experience Cloud solutions.

C. Set and store a unique ID for your site visitors (the MID).

2. An analyst intended to prevent the next tracking call from being sent to Adobe; however, after reviewing the reports, she found that the tracking call was still sent to Adobe.

Which code should the analyst have added to the doPlugins() function?

3. Which type of data element is often used for sampling data in the Adobe Experience Platform?

4. Product owner is looking to capture outbound links user is clicking, automatically from the website without actually having to add custom code on the website.

As a developer what steps would you take?

5. What is the default adaptor used by Adobe Launch for tag-based analytics implementation?

6. In Adobe Launch, what should be the type of data element to refer a data layer variable?

7. Identify the correct features of Rollup Reports from below options, kindly select 2 options which imply the same? Select all that apply.

8. If useBeacon variable is enabled, which technique is being used to send data over HTTP to a web server?

9. A developer wants to use extensions to add core functionality to tags.

What is the first step to add a new extension?

10. An analyst has to alter a request in report Builder in order to illustrate the number of order by month and by purchase country. Currently it displays only the total values by month.

What are two ways the analyst can address this change? (Choose two.) Select all that apply.


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