Download 2022 Free Latest Adobe AD0-E207 Sample Questions and Answers

Download 2022 Free Latest Adobe AD0-E207 Sample Questions and Answers

Do you want to be able to pass the AD0-E207 test with flying colors? By studying AD0-E207 practice exam with real questions and answers , you can ensure that you have a firm grip on the syllabus content, which increases your confidence and improves your time management skills, which will help you complete the test within the time limit. AD0-E207 sample questions and answers are designed to simulate a natural exam environment and are quite beneficial in ensuring memorable success in the AD0-E207 exam.

Here are AD0-E207 practice questions to help you gauge your level of preparation. Now is the time to try it!

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1. A company ‘’XYZ Corp’’ has multiple department and would like to restrict access to data to different business based on their own department.

What would be the contest ways of restricting the data? Select two.

2. What are some characteristics of classifications in Adobe Analytics? Select two.

3. You have been asked to write technical specifications to add tracking to the internal search functionality of site. Given the following requirements.

What is the most efficient solution to be implemented?

Custom eVar5 will capture the internal search term

Custom prop5 will capture the internal search term

Event3 is a customer event that is set each time a search occurs.

NOTE: Values in branches [ ] are dynamic meaning that they will vary based on the search term types by the site visitor





4. While reviewing data for an existing site, you notice that all search terms captured in a custom variable during a visit credit toward success events.

Which of the following topics could explain this behavior? Select two.

5. Which of the following cannot be used in a conversion funnel report?

6. While reviewing analytics report for your website one day, you open up to the exit links report and notice it is empty. After manually testing some exist links on your site. You do not see the any image requests firing for external links either.

What could be causing the missing images for external links? Select two.

7. There have been question in your organization about adding supplemental data to the campaign tracking codes.

What are three available methods for adding metadata to campaigns codes? Select three.

8. Which tools can be used to upload offline data such as orders email send descriptive information for tracking code, and open data? Select three.

9. Assume a customer prop and custom eVar were implemented to capture the from named of various forms that were filled out and successfully submitted.

If you want to see the order in which forms are completed on the site, which variable would be most help?

10. What are some attributes of virtual report suites? Select three.


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