Download Adobe AD0-E704 Sample Test Questions and Answers

Download Adobe AD0-E704 Sample Test Questions and Answers

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re preparing for the AD0-E704 test and want to get ahead. FreeTestShare produced AD0-E704 sample test questions and answers which cover the latest exam objectives to best prepare for your coming exam. If you want complete and accurate Adobe AD0-E704 Sample Test Questions and Answers, please choose FreeTestShare AD0-E704 practice exam!  We ensure that our Adobe AD0-E704 dumps can help you pass the Adobe Certified Master – Adobe Commerce Architect exam smoothly!

Try these AD0-E704 basic exam questions and answers for free.

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1. Suppose you are working with order collection where you need to get the Customer collection object in foreach loop to check wheather current order's customer accout is locked or not. For this you injected MagentoCustomerModelCustomer $customer in the constructor to use $customer collection object. But in loop when this object is used, you notice that it's returning the same customer even if you pass different customer id to filter the customer collection inside loop.

What is the solution for this problem?

2. You are working to add a custom eav_attribute in such a way that it's value should be saved in a custom EAV table catalog_product_entity_customgallery. You added the attribute using the setup script.

Now, what could be the next change here, so that Magento system can perform the lookup for this attribute whenever any search/fetch is performed?

3. Consider below command: bin/magento dev:theme:create frontend vendor themename Please select correct options based on it (choose 2):

4. How should a developer display a custom attribute on the category edit page in the admin panel when a new module Vendor.Category is created?

5. Suppose you need to add an admin grid using uiComponent. if page URL ends with banners/index/index, then which basic uiComponent you would use and what should be the page layout file:

6. Magento can load the configuration file di.xml area-specific. During bootstrapping, each application entry point loads the appropriate di.xml files for the requested area.

Please select the set of correct areas, where this file can be loaded by Magento:

7. A merchant has noticed an error in the checkout. The accessed URL is /checkout.

Where can the developer find the responsible controller in the Magento.Checkout module?

8. A furniture merchant have 100k products in the store. In a custom product list page, he advised you to enable the caching as per user paginate the products.

So what should the approach to cache the block data as per pagination request:

9. What is the purpose of a URL Rewrite?

10. Suppose, you need to create custom configuration file called search.xml, in the a custommodule under etc/.

Which steps are needed to achieve this?


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