Try Latest Adobe AD0-E314 Practice Exam Questions

Try Latest Adobe AD0-E314 Practice Exam Questions

It is not an easy task to prepare for the AD0-E314 Adobe Campaign Classic Business Practitioner Expert exam. You will require a dependable study aid; thus, FreeTestShare provides reliable Adobe AD0-E314 Practice Exam Questions to help you pass the AD0-E314 exam in the first try.We have updated AD0-E314 Practice Exam with real exam questions and answers to assist you in preparing for the Adobe AD0-E314 exam and get your desired certification. The latest updated AD0-E314 Practice Exam helps you know about the AD0-E314 exam layout and topics. You can practice the actual test questions in the AD0-E314 practice exam first.

Try free AD0-E314 practice exam to assist you in testing yourself.

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1. Which three tasks could a campaign business practitioner do to view a personalized version of a delivery? (Choose three.)

2. Workflow A runs before Workflow B. Workflow A populates a staging table that workflow B uses to load each day. Workflow B frequency fails because Workflow A is still creating the writing to the table .

What is the best way for a campaign business practitioner to solve this error?

3. What is the purpose of setting an activity execution mode to 'Enable but do not execute'?

4. In a Query where the targeting dimension is Recipients, the Practitioner changes the filtering dimension to Transactions and specifies filtering transaction amount. The preview provides a count of 116,361 records.

When the Practitioner executes the Query, the record countis 8,643 records.

What is the likely reason?

5. From which screen on the client should the Business Practitioner approve the targeting of an email delivery in an email campaign?

6. An additional workflow is needed for a campaign .

Which step should a campaign business practitioner take to meet this requirement?

7. A new sample file is needed for a data loading process with a new layout. You have clicked auto detect format.

What step you should take?

8. How would you send a proof to the “Holiday Marketing Team” list for approvals?

9. The entire list of recipients for a campaign is unavailable at the start of an A/B test. The final list of the

recipients will be placed in the final Recipients folder but they will be loaded by the time the A/B test is

complete. To start the A/B test, a list of exclusive recipients is used for the initial deliveries in the folder

test Recipients.

How should the Business Practitioner modify the workflow diagram?

10. A campaign workflow has been executed and has reached the Finished state.

Which two tasks must have occurred? (Choose two.)


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