Free 2021 AEM Sites Developer Expert AD0-E116 Real Questions

Free 2021 AEM Sites Developer Expert AD0-E116 Real Questions

Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer certification is the industry-recognized validation of one’s proficiency in, and successful implementation of Adobe Experience Manager Developer. To get this Certification, you should successfully pass the AD0-E116 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer Exam.

FreeTestShare has put up a comprehensive collection of AD0-E116 questions and answers to guide you through the AD0-E116 Exam. To assist you in making the best purchasing decision, the AD0-E116 Real Questions thoroughly describes what you will get in the AD0-E116 exam. The entire AD0-E116 dumps contain actual test questions and answers that will help you pass the AD0-E116 exam in the first attempt.

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1. AEM is installed in $AEM_HOME.

In which subfolder are the command line startup and shutdown scripts located?

2. A developer needs to change the label "Sites" in the navigation of AEM author to "Websites".

Which action should the developer take to achieve this?

3. A developer needs to ensure that the path /content/<proj>/segments exists on all environments with the correct initial content that the developerprovides in a package. Content that exists in that path should NOT be affected.

Which import mode should the developer use in the filter definition?

4. Which environment variable in the AEM start script should a developer modify to enable remote debugging?

5. A developer has a component foobar that consists of the files listed below:




What is the output when this component is rendered?

6. An application runs specific license checks against certain DAM assets every day. It should send an email to a configured list if it finds warnings, and mark the assetaccordingly. A service component that uses the Apache Sling Scheduler Service is created. DAM assets that must NOT be used anymore are hidden using ACLs and the license check must re-check them.

How should a developer obtain a resource resolver thatcan read and update the DAM assets?

7. A custom AEM application contains a service component that needs to access the JCR repository within the activate method. The activate method usesResourceResolverFactory.getServiceResourceResolver(...) without specifying a sub service name.

What should a developer do to make sure the user service mapping for the service component is available?

8. A developer developed a workflow that makes a copy of every node created or modified under a certain path to a different one. The workflow launches but the nodes are not copied over.

Which two methods should the developer use to resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

9. The configuration is automatically injected into the field by the service component runtime.

10. A developer creates an AEM editable template that includes a Layout Container. When the developer creates a pageusing this template, the Layout Container placeholder does NOT appear.

What is causing this issue?


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