Download 2022 Update NetApp NS0-303 Practice Exam Questions

Download 2022 Update NetApp NS0-303 Practice Exam Questions

You may have read the great NS0-303 practice exam questions from FreeTestShare. It must be clear that the NS0-303 practice exam has been updated with accurate questions and answers for good preparation. The most updated NS0-303 practice exam contains 138 practice questions and answers, you can practice them again and again to make sure that you can learn NS0-303 exam well and pass NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud – Administrator NS0-303 exam successfully.

You can now use our free NS0-303 practice test to help you prepare for the exam.

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1. You are the administrator for your company's public cloud infrastructure. Your Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems are working properly, ensuring that all users can access the data services that the system provides. Performance and health data Is not being reported to NetApp for support. You want to ensure that Cloud Volumes ONTAP can send AutoSupport messages to NetApp.

In this scenario, which routing and firewall policy must be configured to ensure proper access to ActivelQ

2. You are the administrator of a company’s public cloud infrastructure and cloud connected storage system. You provision Windows Server 2019 Azure VMs. You want to configure your cluster to use a traditional Windows cluster and support “Cluster Shared Volumes”.

To provision this service, you need to set up the NetApp storage to use which connection protocol?

3. What is the difference between a mirror and a backup replication policy?

4. Which NFS version is supported by Cloud Volumes Service?

5. You want to use FabricPool on your AFF A300.

In this scenario, which three tiering policies show inactive data on your volumes? (Choose three.)

6. Your company requires a high level of availability for data services in the cloud. You have selected Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA in AWS to support block-based workloads.

In this scenario, how many AWS availability zones should be used during deployment to provide the highest level of availability?

7. You are the administrator for your company's public cloud system. As you are deploying OnCommand Cloud Manager, you notice that each time you try to deploy a Cloud Volumes ONTAP Instance, you receive an access denied message in the log file.

In this scenario, what must you do to solve this problem?

8. You have a NetApp HCI Cluster and a Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance In Azure. You are asked to back up your HCI Cluster to the cloud with the ability to failover and fallback LUNs.

In this scenario, which NetApp technology will satisfy this requirement?

9. Your company has purchased a NetApp HCI. You are asked to deploy HA file services out of the NetApp HCI system.

Which two actions accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

10. An application developer asks you for a new Cloud Volumes Service volume for AWS that supports SMB and NFS access for development and testing purposes.

In this scenario, what should you do to support the developer's request?


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