Download 2021 Free HPE6-A73 Practice Exam Questions To Test Yourself

Download 2021 Free HPE6-A73 Practice Exam Questions To Test Yourself

If you want to prepare for your Aruba Certified Switching Professional (HPE6-A73) exam. Learn at your own pace and prepare for the Aruba Certified Switching Professional (ACSP) certification exam (HPE6-A73). This certification validates you can implement and operate enterprise-level Aruba campus switching solutions.

FreeTestShare HPE6-A73 Practice Exams include real exam questions and answers, allowing you to quickly learn about the topics included in the HPE6-A73 exam! HPE6-A73 Practice Exam Questions are the ideal study products for your pre-exam preparation if you want to pass the HPE6-A73 exam on the first try. This article will now include latest practice questions and verified answers. Put yourself to the test right now!

Free HPE6-A73 Practice Exam Questions To Test Yourself

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1. Which concept is implemented using Aruba’s dynamic segmentation?

2. A company requires access by all users, guests, and employees to be authenticated. Employees will be authenticated using 802.1X, whereas guests will be authenticated using captive portal .

Which type of authentication must be configured on an AOS-CX switch ports where both guests and employees connect?

3. An administrator is managing a pair of core AOS-CX switches configured for VSX. Connected to this core are pairs of aggregation layer AOS-CX switches configured for VSX. OSPF is running between the aggregation and core layers. To speed up OSPF convergence, the administrator has configured BFD between the core and aggregation switches.

What is a best practice the administrator should implement to reduce CPU processing on the switches if a BFD neighbor fails?

4. What is a concept associated with PIM sparse mode (SM)?

5. An administrator will be replacing a campus switching infrastructure with AOS-CX switches that support VSX capabilities. The campus involves a core, as well as multiple access layers .

Which feature should the administrator implement to allow both VSX-capable core switches to process traffic sent to the default gateway in the campus VLANs?

6. An administrator is concerned about the security of the control plane connection between an AOS-CX switch and an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC) when implementing user-based tunneling .

How should the administrator protect this traffic?

7. What is required when implementing captive portal an AOS-CX switches?

8. An administrator is supporting a network with the access layer consisting of AOS-CX 6300 and 6400 switches. The administrator needs to quickly deploy Aruba IAPs and security cameras in the network, ensuring that the correct QoS and VLAN settings are dynamically applied to the switch ports. Currently, switches are not configured to do device authentication, and no authentication server exists in the network.

Which AOS-CX feature should the administrator use to dynamically assign the policy settings to the correct switch ports?

9. Examine the attached diagram

Two AOS-CX switches are configured for VSX at the access layer, where servers attached to them. An SVI interface is configured for VLAN 10 and serves as the default gateway for VLAN 10. The ISL link between the switches fails, but the keepalive interface functions. Active gateway has been configured on the switches.

What is correct about access from the servers to the Core?

10. How does PIM build the IP multicast routing table to route traffic between a multicast source and one or more receivers?


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