HPE0-J58 Real Questions For Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions Exam

HPE0-J58 Real Questions For Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions Exam

Looking for HPE0-J58 Real Questions? Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions Exam tests the ability to design and deliver a complete and supported multi-site, multi-array and/or complex storage solution that meets customer requirements. To pass the HPE0-J58 test on the first try, you must have accurate syllabus information and an excellent study guide. FreeTestShare 100 percent genuine HPE0-J58 real questions give you in-depth knowledge of the exam syllabus and help you pass your exam easily in your first try. 

To put your skills to the test, try HPE0-J58 free practice questions!

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1. Which advantage does InfoSight for HPE Storage deliver to a customer?

2. Two companies merged. The IT department needs a temporary solution to communicate between the two companies' SAN Infrastructure until they can redesign and merge the two fabrics together.

Both companies have B-Series switches that are capable of using Fibre Channel to Fiber Channel routing.

Which zoning option will meet the customer's needs?

3. A customer has HPE B-series switches and is not interested in Extended Fabric licenses for edge switches.

They have sites over 10km apart.

Which SAN extension technology should you recommend?

4. A customer has two HPE Nimble arrays that are replication partners. The customer suffers a complete outage on the source array.

What does the administrator need to do to make the most recent snapshot available?

5. You are proposing StoreOnce as a new backup target.

Which features should you emphasize that will help the customer protect and recover data from external

attacks on local data? (Select two.)

6. A customer needs to replace their outdated storage arrays.

Which resource provides the necessary information to properly size a solution?

7. A customer asks you (o design a solution to protect their existing ERP solution. The solution must allow them to achieve an RTO of ten minutes and an rpo of zero minutes. The existing ERP solution is running on an HPE 3PAR Ail Flash Array, the customer has a I)R facility, hut they do not have any I)H storage arrays in addition to installing a new array in the DR facility, which data protection should you recommend to achieve the customer goals?

8. A customer needs lo replace an existing Dell EMC backup-to-disk solution with an HPE solution to integrate with an HPE 3PAR solution.

Which toot should you use lo begin your assessment of the customer environment?

9. You receive an error when attempting to utilize SAF Analyze to upload customer data that you have collected

to develop reports for a new proposal.

What must you do first to begin the process?

10. A customer needs to a multi-site environment where the entire inter-site transmission will be encrypted.


products support this feature without additional licenses? (Select two.)


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