Try Adobe AD0-E121 Practice Exam Questions To Ensure Your Success

Try Adobe AD0-E121 Practice Exam Questions To Ensure Your Success

The Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Experience Manager Sites Business Practitioner certification is the industry-recognized validation of one’s proficiency in Adobe Experience Manager. This certification requires in-depth knowledge of working with the AEM web content management capabilities and mobile capabilities. You can pass AD0-E121 to qualify for this certification.

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1. A customer warns to ado a field to the properties of all existing and new assets in AEM Assets to capture the asset rating. After the team uploads an asset the review team needs to go through the uploaded assets and fill ta the ratings.

How should the Business Practitioner meet this requirement?

2. A customer has a website that serves an English-speaking market. The customer wants to expand to a German-speaking market .

What should the Business Practitioner recommend to seamlessly create the new website structure?

3. A new user who is a member of the content-authors group needs to access the AEM web console. The new user should not be added to the administrator's group.

What should the Business Practitioner recommend?

4. A company plans to develop a set of pages with the same design and structure. The only difference between the pages is the content inside the body .

What is the belt approach to develop the pages?

5. A content author receives a request to build a new page with content that includes images and layout that exists on other pages. The page must be built using the existing content.

What should the Business Practitioner recommend to meet this requirement?

6. An author would like to display an At-summarized version of an artiste .

Which method would you recommend to achieve this?

7. Regarding performance, what are the Adobe recommended response Time guidelines for uneached HTML requests?

8. Which tool should the Business Practitioner recommend to the content team to manage their team, tasks, and relevant resources?

9. A new content author at 3 media company joins a team to manage content taxonomy, me author has been set up as a new use' and must only have the minimum rights for this job.

Which group should the author be added to m order to meet this requirement?

10. 1. A company requests a new banner component that should conform to company design standards. Details on what the authoring dialog experience should be have not been provided.

Which two additional pieces of information should the Business Practitioner clarify for the developer? (Choose two.)


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