Real AD0-E600 Exam Questions To Pass Adobe Experience Platform Technical Foundations

Real AD0-E600 Exam Questions To Pass Adobe Experience Platform Technical Foundations

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re preparing for the AD0-E600 Adobe Experience Platform Technical Foundations test and want to get ahead. The newest AD0-E600 Exam Questions are designed to test your knowledge and are based on the exam objectives. Our experienced IT lecturers produced AD0-E600 Exam Questions, which includes real exam questions and answers. We provide free access to the most recent AD0-E600 practice exam questions and answers. You can practice the most recent AD0-E600 exam questions online!

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1. A data engineer builds a segment based on Loyalty Status = Gold attribute and a purchase in the last 7 days. To validate that this segment is working, the engineer logs in to the test website and makes a purchase Gold Loyalty Status.

In AEP. how can the data engineer validate that the test customerlD made it into the segment near real-time?

2. A QA engineer needs to determine if the data ingested through three different data sources into three datasets enabled for profile and based in the same XDM Profile schema is processed as expected.

To evaluate the final result, the QA engineer uses the Merge Profile configuration shown;

The primary identity used is '".

What data should appear m the user profile?





3. Your customer wants to take purchase activity from their website and stream the event into the Adobe Experience Platform They do NOT want to implement additional client-side calls on the website .

Which two options are available to do this? (Choose two.)

4. A data engineer is required to partially ingest data via a Source Connector .

Which three source connectors are permitted for this task? (Choose three.)

5. A data engineer must set up a Streaming Connection with new authentication via the AEP Ul to stream non XDM data into an existing Dataset .

How should the data engineer proceed?

6. Which service allows a data engineer to look up all metadata for a given batch ID via API?

7. In an AEP implementation, an SFTP source setup performs daily imports. A marketer notices that the segment volumes linked to that data source have dropped in the last days. After a root cause analysis, it is identified that the dataflow that manages the SFTP import has been disabled by mistake.

The missing files must be ingested in AEP, and the daily import must be re-started.

How should these tasks be performed?

8. A marketer has been tasked with setting up an export of a certain segment of their profile data to their cloud storage .

Which two types of file export options are available to the marketer? (Choose two.)

9. What it the appropriate identity namespacs for an email mat n coming in hashed'

10. A data architect responsible for maintaining existing schemas is notified that a previously defined mandatory field is no longer available due to some changes in the inbound data. The data architect confirms the existing schema has been saved and is currently being leveraged in data ingestion.

Which option does the data architect have?


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