Download Free Latest Adobe AD0-E406 Questions and Answers

Download Free Latest Adobe AD0-E406 Questions and Answers

To achieve your Adobe Target Business Practitioner Expert certification, you should pass AD0-E406 to get certified. There are 68 questions in real Adobe certification AD0-E406 exam, and you have 136 minutes to complete all the questions. The available language is English. The required passing score of AD0-E406 is 46 out of 68. The exam format is Multiple choice and Multiple select. 

Test your knowledge with AD0-E406 practice test questions and compare your score to the verified answers to determine if you are prepared for the real exam questions. FreeTestShare 100% authentic AD0-E406 exam dumps cover 100% real exam questions and answers to help you pass the AD0-E406 exam fast! Here are free AD0-E406 exam questions with correct answers for you to test yourself! Get started now!

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1. An airline company wants to deliver different personalized offers for its desktop and mobile phone customers. An Adobe Target Business Practitioner must define target audience for this requirement.

Which audience criteria should be recommended for this activity?

2. Three weeks after activation of an A/B activity with four experiences (A. 8, C. D} using Auto-allocate, it was observed that Experience C is receiving 1 % of traffic.

To speed up the process of determining a winner of the test, what is a best practice for an Adobe Target Business Practitioner to follow?

A. Do nothing. Auto-allocate will do this.

B. Deactivate the activity and create a new one with only

A. B, D experiences.

C. Switch the test to manual allocation and allocate 0% of traffic to Experience C.

3. The optimization team has deactivated a test and wants to analyze the results. After navigating to the reporting interface, they notice that they cannot see any data m the report. The team can confirm that the experiences were successfully delivered to users.

What is a likely cause of this problem?

4. An A/B test was conducted to test different variations of copy on the homepage. During the analysis of the results, it was identified that different copy resonated better with different audiences.

Which activity type should an Adobe Target Business Practitioner recommend using to ensure that the most effective copy is displayed to the right audience?

5. What is the main purpose of the Preview functionality within the Visual Experience Composer when creating a Multivariate test activity?

6. An organization is tolling out a customer service chat that is available on the site Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. A lest will be conducted to determine how to optimize the link to the chat.

Which action enables an activity to be recurring every week during chat hours?

7. A marketing team of an online retail company wants to run an A/B test that serves a tailored experience to each visitor, based on their individual customer profile md the behavior of previous visitors with similar profiles.

Which traffic allocation option should be suggested for this scenario?

8. A team wants to run a test on a lead generation form. The test will analyze if reducing the number of form fields from 10 to 6 increases Product A newsletter signups. The KPI is newsletter sign-up form submits. While any lift is considered a win. if the team realizes a 10% or greater lift, they will immediately roll out these changes across all of their newsletter sign-up forms without additional testing.

Their current hypothesis is as follows: If we make it easier for our visitors to complete our Product A newsletter sign-ups by decreasing the number of form fields by 4. we will increase newsletter sign-ups by 10%.

How could this hypothesis be improved?

9. An A/B test has been running on a page with very high traffic for longer than the estimated duration as previously determined using the Sample Size Calculator. The confidence level is at 96%. However, the lift for the Experience B is very small, at just 0.6%.

What can be concluded for the test?

10. An A/B test has been running for several weeks .

Which finding can be used to determine a winner?


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