Download Latest DES-1221 Practice Exam Questions

Download Latest DES-1221 Practice Exam Questions

You can pass your DES-1221 exam now with most update exam questions. DES-1221 exam is a qualifying exam for the Specialist – Implementation Engineer, PowerStore Solutions (DCS-IE) track. This exam focuses on implementation and administration of PowerStore storage arrays in open systems environments. FreeTestShare DES-1221 practice exam contains actual questions and answers that have been verified and updated to ensure accuracy. It will help you pass DES-1221 exam on the first try.

You can now use our free DES-1221 practice test to help you prepare for the exam.

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1. What is the correct power up sequence for a PowerStore?

2. Which IP addresses are required when adding an appliance to the cluster?

3. 1.When planning rack layout, why should base enclosures be grouped together?

4. How many cables are required for minimum support for PowerStore T Front-End storage connectivity?

5. What does a Storage Administrator need to consider about Resource Balance when assigning volumes?

6. What describes the process used in the Import External Storage migration architecture?

7. A customer wants to add capacity to their PowerStore 5000T. The system is populated with 6 NVMe SCM 750 GB drives.

What is the maximum number and type of drives that can be added to the base enclosure?

8. When a Volume is selected for the intercluster migration, what other data services associated with the volume will also be moved with it?

9. What is the total number of NVRAM devices used in PowerStore 3000?

10. An administrator received the following alert from PowerStore regarding a previously created NAS server?


The SMB server of the NAS server PowerStore_NAS_01 is configured to be joined to the domaintest.mid, but is currently not joined.

Which setting should the administrator change?


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