Share Free Dell EMC DES-1D12 Demo Questions and Answers

Share Free Dell EMC DES-1D12 Demo Questions and Answers

DES-1D12 Specialist – Technology Architect, Midrange Storage Solutions Exam is a qualifying exam for the Specialist – Technology Architect, Midrange Storage (DCS-TA) track. This exam tests the candidate’s knowledge to design solutions for Dell EMC Unity and PowerStore. This exam also tests the candidate’s knowledge of key product features of both storage systems.

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1. When designing a Dell EMC Unity 480F solution, what is the maximum number of enclosures and drive slots, per bus?

2. Which SAS SSDs are supported by Dell EMC PowerStore?

3. An analysis of a current customer environment reveals a peak of 6,600 IOPS with 4,500 writes and 2,100 reads. The sample was gathered at 10-minute intervals.

Given this information, what is a reasonable IOPS target for the Tier 1 drives in a Dell EMC SC Series solution?

4. Which Dell EMC Unity feature provides network high availability with active-passive ports when provisioning File storage fora NAS client?

5. What is a characteristic of tenant traffic on a Dell EMC Unity array?

6. How many replication rules can be applied to a cluster in Dell EMC PowerStore?

7. Which operating systems support Optical Prime?

8. What is the correct order of steps to create a LUN on Dell EMC Unity storage?

9. What provides data analytics for Dell EMC Midrange storage?

10. When enabling a multi-protocol NAS implementation on a Dell EMC Power Store array, what is required for an end-to-end mapping of a Windows system?


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