Best Tips To Pass Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I Exam

Best Tips To Pass Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I Exam

Do you want to pass Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I exam? JavaScript Developer I exam is intended for individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and experience developing front-end and/or back-end JavaScript applications for the web stack.  JavaScript Developer I Exam Dumps are available with actual dumps questions and answers for good preparation. FreeTestShare always keeps candidates up to date with the JavaScript Developer I exam areas. Anyone who has registered with JavaScript Developer I Dumps gets exclusive access to the updated version of all the valid exam questions.

You should try JavaScript Developer I practice test questions to assess yourself.

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1. A test has a dependency on database.query. During the test the dependency is replaced with an object called database with the method, query, that returns an array. The developer needs to verify how many times the method was called and the arguments used each time.

Which two test approaches describe the requirement? Choose 2 answers

2. Refer to the code snippet:

Function getAvailabilityMessage(item) {

If (getAvailability(item)){

Var msg =”Username available”;


Return msg;


A developer writes this code to return a message to user attempting to register a new username. If the username is available, variable.

What is the return value of msg hen getAvailabilityMessage (“newUserName” ) is executed and getAvailability(“newUserName”) returns false?

3. Which statement can a developer apply to increment the browser's navigation history without a page refresh?

Which statement can a developer apply to increment the browser's navigation history without a page refresh?

4. A developer creates a simple webpage with an input field. When a user enters text in the input field and clicks the button, the actual value of the field must be displayed in the console.

Here is the HTML file content:

<input type =” text” value=”Hello” name =”input”>

<button type =”button” >Display </button>

The developer wrote the javascript code below:

Const button = document.querySelector(‘button’);

button.addEvenListener(‘click’, () => (

Const input = document.querySelector(‘input’);


When the user clicks the button, the output is always “Hello”.

What needs to be done make this code work as expected?

5. Given the code below:

01 function GameConsole (name) {

02 = name;

3 }


5 GameConsole.prototype.load = function(gamename) {

6 console.log( ` $( is loading a game : $(gamename) …`);

07 )

08 function Console 16 Bit (name) {

09, name) ;

10 }

11 Console16bit.prototype = Object.create ( GameConsole.prototype) ;

12 //insert code here

13 console.log( ` $( is loading a cartridge game : $(gamename) …`);

14 }

15 const console16bit = new Console16bit(‘ SNEGeneziz ’);

16 console16bit.load(‘ Super Nonic 3x Force ’);

What should a developer insert at line 15 to output the following message using the


> SNEGeneziz is loading a cartridge game: Super Monic 3x Force . . .

6. Considering type coercion, what does the following expression evaluate to?

True + ‘13’ + NaN

7. Refer to code below:

Let first = ‘who’;

Let second = ‘what’;



Throw new error(‘Sad trombone’);

}catch (err){

First =’Why’;

}finally {

Second =’when’;

} catch (err) { Second =’Where’;


What are the values for first and second once the code executes?

8. A developer needs to test this function:

01 const sum3 = (arr) => (

02 if (!arr.length) return 0,

03 if (arr.length === 1) return arr[0],

04 if (arr.length === 2) return arr[0] + arr[1],

05 return arr[0] + arr[1] + arr[2],

06 );

Which two assert statements are valid tests for the function? Choose 2 answers

9. Given code below:

setTimeout (() => (


). 0);


New Promise ((resolve, reject )) = > (

setTimeout(() => (


). 1000);

)).catch(() => (




What is logged to the console?

10. Refer to the code snippet below:

What is the value of array after the code executes?


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