Download Free Latest HPE2-W09 Practice Exam Questions

Download Free Latest HPE2-W09 Practice Exam Questions

HPE2-W09 Aruba Data Center Network Specialist Exam tests that a candidate has the skills and knowledge to design, implement, and configure complex data center solutions based on the Aruba AOS CX Switches. To pass your HPE2-W09 test, the best method is to challenge and improve your knowledge. We recommend that you prepare with FreeTestShare HPE2-W09 practice exam questions to test your knowledge and identify areas for development using genuine exam format. HPE2-W09 practice exam offers 100% real exam questions and answers that you’ll encounter on the real exam. 

Here we’ve prepared some real HPE2-W09 exam questions. Have a try!

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1. Your customer is using Nutanix AHV and they need a network orchestration tool to simplify network provisioning.

Is this operation supported when Aruba Fabric Composer (AFC) is integrated with Nutanix?

Solution: Automated provisioning of LAGs Between AHV and VSX

2. The architect designs a spine and leaf network for a single data center that will use multiple leaf switches as Virtual Tunnel End Points (VTEP). The architect needs to select the type of Integrated Routing & Bridging (IRB) for the solution.

Is this statement about the IRB type true?

Solution: In the Asymmetric IRB egress VTEPs bridge the traffic to the destination networks.

3. Is this a best practice when positioning ArubaOS-CX switches in data center networks?

Solution: Deploy Aruba CX 83xx switches as data center spine switches.

4. Refer to the exhibit.

:The company wants AtubaOS-CX switches to provide VXLAN services for several VMs and servers, as shown in the exhibit. Hypervisors will not run VXLAN for this solution. Is this part of a valid configuration to meet the requirements?

Solution: Work with the server admins to assign a consistent VLAN for VMs 1 and 4.

Assign interface 1/1/2 on Switch-1 to the same VLAN.

5. You need to integrate Aruba Fabric Composer (AFC) with customer datacenter software. Is this integration possible?

Solution: Aruba Fabric Composer (AFC) with Nutanix Hypervisor (AHV)

6. You want to use NetEdit to configure an AtubaOS-CX switch.

Is this a minimum requirement for setting up communications between the switch and NetEdit?

Solution: Enable the REST interface in read-only mode.

7. Does this correctly describethe ArubaOS-CX architecture?

Solution: The ArubaOS-CX time-series database helps to support network analytics and troubleshooting.

8. Is this a use case for implementing Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS) on an ArubaOS-CX switch?

Solution: ensures a minimum bandwidth guarantee between two endpoints traffic with various 802.1 p values.

9. Your task is to configure an EVPN solution for a dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 protocol in the overlay networks.

Is this statement about EVPN and IPv6 correct?

Solution: The IPv6and IPv4 overlay networks can be encapsulated with VXLAN and transmitted through the underlay network.

10. Is this a difference between a typical data center network's requirements and a typical campus network's requirements?

Solution: Data center networks are typically less oversubscribed than campus networks.


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