Try Free Salesforce Administrator ADM-201 Questions and Answers

Try Free Salesforce Administrator ADM-201 Questions and Answers

The Salesforce ADM-201 exam leads to the award of the Salesforce Administrator certification. This credential is becoming very popular among the Salesforce experts. It is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of the professionals on the Salesforce platform and it also enhances their employability and earning potentials.

If you are worried about your Salesforce Administrator ADM-201 exam and you are not prepared so, now you don’t need to take any stress about ADM-201 certification. Get the most updated ADM-201 Questions with 100% accurate answers. Try ADM-201 free demo to test yourself!

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1. Ursa Major Solar recently acquired a company whose sales team has a unique sales process, with stages that are different from the current setup of stages in Salesforce.

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has decided that the new sales team should NOT change their process at all.

What should the administrator do to incorporate the new sales teams process?

2. The VP of Marketing wants Sales Reps to get updates when materials are updated in the Marketing library .

What feature should an Administrator recommend?

3. Which object must be related in order to create an opportunity record?

4. The administrator at Cloud Kicks has been asked to replace two old workflow rules that are doing simple field updates when a lead is created to Improve processing time.

What tool should the administrator use to replace the workflow rules?

5. An administrator for Ursa Major Solar wants to allow internal users to view a dashboard as a Sales Manager within a given sales region.

How can these be configured?

6. Campaign Member can be associated with which two objects? Choose 2 answers

7. Which set of small and large data backup methods are available in native Salesforce

8. The administrator at DreamHouse Realty added an email quick action to the Case page layout and Is unable to see the action on the case feed.

Which feature must be enabled to ensure the quick action will be displayed as expected?

9. Universal Containers has a new sales rep who will be responsible for the government vertical. All existing government accounts should be moved to the new rep using mass transfer for accounts.

Which two records will also transferred from the current account owner to the new rep in this scenario? Choose 2 answers

10. A system administrator wants to ensure that unique data is always input into a specific field.

Which two field properties should be configured? Choose 2 answers


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