Update DES-DD23 Dell EMC PowerProtect Specialist Exam Material

Update DES-DD23 Dell EMC PowerProtect Specialist Exam Material

The best way to prepare for the DELL EMC DES-DD23 exam would be to study the exam objectives and become familiar with the technologies and concepts that are covered on the exam. You can find the exam objectives on the DELL EMC website or in the exam preparation materials provided by DELL EMC.

Some tips for preparing for the DELL EMC DES-DD23 exam include:

  1. Review the exam objectives and make a list of the topics that you need to study.
  2. Take online practice exams or use DES-DD23 Dell EMC PowerProtect Specialist Exam Material to test your knowledge and identify areas that you need to focus on.
  3. Use study materials such as textbooks, online training courses, and video tutorials to learn about the technologies and concepts covered on the exam.
  4. Make sure to give yourself enough time to study and become comfortable with the material before taking the exam.
  5. Consider getting hands-on experience with the technologies that are covered on the exam by setting up a lab or working on real-world projects.

Good luck on your exam!

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1. Which are supported compression algorithms in DDOS?

2. A technician is upgrading a DD9400 with a DS60 expansion shelf with 60 drives. In the GUI interface, only 30 drives are accessible.

What is causing these drives to be inaccessible?

3. An administrator has retained snapshots for a single MTree and is trying to create a new one. An error message is received.

What is the reason for the failure?

4. Which command is used to check if NFS is enabled?

5. What is the maximum capacity for a DDVE?

6. An administrator is scaling Cloud Tier for a DD9400 by adding a second cloud unit .

What is the required amount of metadata storage (TB)?

7. 1.When using CIFS from a PowerProtect DD system, what should be changed on a Windows machine?

8. A customer needs a backup system to protect 100 TB of mission-critical data .

What should be used to back up the system?


Refer to the exhibit.

Match each action to its call-out location.

10. Which enterprise applications does the DDBEA agent support?


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