How do I become A Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Consultant?

How do I become A Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Consultant?

Want to become a Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Consultant? The Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant credential is designed for consultants who have experience implementing and consulting on the Salesforce Experience applications in a customer-facing role. FreeTestShare Experience Cloud Consultant dump contains actual questions and answers that have been verified and updated to ensure accuracy. We offer free demo to assist you to understand the exam topics and format. Experience Cloud Consultant dumps contain real exam questions and answers to help you pass Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Consultant exam on the first try.

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1. Dreamscape Flowers (DF) is evaluating Salesforce Partner Relationship Management (RPM) to help improve its current channel sales performance.

In what two ways can Salesforce PRM help DF accelerate channel sales? Choose 2 answers

2. Which two statements regarding data categories are true? Choose 2 answers

3. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is evaluating Experience Cloud for creating an onboarding app for new hires .

Which two things should NTO consider when creating the onboarding app? Calculator Choose 2 answers

4. To which three objects can the Partner Super User access be applied? Choose 3 answers

5. As a pilot. Ursa Major Solar's customers from California wore assigned to a page variation for the Home page so that the layout looks slightly different than for customers from other states. The page variation uses a Rich Content Editor component assigned solely to Platinum customers.

Who will be able to view the Rich Content Editor component?

6. Ursa Major Solar (UMS) would like to display a collection of news articles it has added to a workspace in Salesforce via a CMS Collection in its customer portal.

Where should UMS create the CMS collection before configuring the CMS Collection component in Experience Builder?

7. Dreamscape Flowers (DF) has a community for its flower growers. DF now wants to create communities for its franchisee network as well as direct B2C customers as part of a company-wide digital transformation. Other subsidiaries of DF are also undergoing digital transformation and are interested in setting up similar communities based on DF's approach.

In what two ways can Lightning Bolt help DF accomplish this? Choose 2 answers

8. Universal Containers’ (UC) Salesforce org uses SAML 550 with a third-party identity provider for internal user authentication. UC now wants to extend this capability for Experience Cloud site users as well.

What should the UC administrator ensure in order to successfully implement SAML 550 for the Experience Cloud site?

9. Cloud Kicks has packaged its Customer Support Community. The community includes navigation menu items that link to standard and custom objects.

Which two points should the Experience Cloud consultant consider when reviewing the package? Choose 2 answers

10. Which three considerations should be made when using Criteria-Based Audiences? Choose 3 answers


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