How to Pass Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect Exam?

How to Pass Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect Exam?

Are you worried about how to Pass Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect Exam? It validates that a B2B Solution Architect can provide guidance, as well as combine guidance from different enterprise architecture viewpoints to create solutions that generate strategic business value for customers. You can practice the latest Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect Exam dumps to best prepare for your exam. It will ensure you pass your B2B Solution Architect exam successfully.

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1. Universal Containers is at the start of a digital transformation program. Members of the executive leadership team have provided a list of internal and external stakeholders who are dedicated to formulating the vision and desired business outcomes in a 2-day workshop. The executive leadership team has made the request to understand what the customer experience will look like out of this workshop.

What should a Solution Architect do to help formulate the high-level business vision and desired business outcomes?

2. Universal Containers (UC) is in the process of identifying if Revenue Cloud will work for its business processes. UC has already implemented Sales Cloud, which includes complex steps and checklists that are orchestrated based on changes made to an Opportunity. Based on the current Sales Cloud implementation, UC has concerns about how Revenue Cloud will interact with its current customizations on the Opportunity object and if it will be

difficult to customize the solution in the future.

Which design approach should a Solution Architect recommend to mitigate concerns about custom processes on any single object?

3. The Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) sales department currently uses Sales Cloud for its Sales team. The management team decided that the Sales team needs to start creating quotes based on the input from the finance department. NTO would like to implement quotes, contracted pricing, and invoicing for its customers. Invoicing will be done based on an agreed billing cycle. The finance department would like to see a report on the invoices sent and track the details of the payments received. NTO also has a need for partners to be able to self-service their pipeline and quoting through a portal.

NTO's internal team decided to use Revenue Cloud and Experience Cloud as its solution.

What should a Solution Architect recommend as NTO begins its implementation?

4. Big Server Company sells complex server solutions to customers through a reseller channel. Resellers will purchase complex servers as well as have warehouses to store quick need products for their customers, such as additional hard drives and cables. Big Server Company currently uses Salesforce CPQ for its Sales team. Big Server Company would like to be able to give resellers easy access to purchase warehouse type products through B2B Commerce; however, the company would also like to allow resellers to request additional discounts for large volume orders from the Sales team.

Which recommendation should a Solution Architect make to integrate B2B Commerce and Salesforce CPQ to accomplish this request?

5. Universal Containers (UC) currently utilizes Sales Cloud and Experience Cloud for its customers. For the next phase in its digital transformation, UC would like to enable its vast dealer network with the kinds of tools its direct Sales teams are currently using. UC is considering Partner Communities (PRM) on Experience Cloud. UC's concern at the moment is making sure that its dealer network only gets access to the opportunities they themselves bring to UC or that UC submits to the dealer to close. This is a concern for the VP of direct sales who has issues with bringing PRM in at all.

What is the initial suggestion a Solution Architect should provide to make Partner Communities work for UC?

6. 3D Scanners needs to apply a discount automatically on the Quote Line for Distributors while in the Quote Line Editor. The percentage discount applied depends on attributes of the Distributor Account and that of the specific Product. Sales users can add additional discounts; however, those will need to go through an approval process that allows for resubmitting to only those that previously rejected the additional discount.

Which two options should a Solution Architect recommend to meet the requirements while keeping the user experience in mind? Choose 2 answers

7. What should a Solution Architect do to ensure that all requirements for a multi-cloud implementation are captured during discovery sessions so that project stakeholders are aligned with the project team on deliverables?

8. During a B2B multi-cloud implementation, an executive sponsor from Universal Containers (UC) approaches the Solution Architect to discuss ongoing support and new functionality that will be rolled out to support UC. The current implementation supports Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, and Sales Cloud.

Which three recommendations should a Solution Architect make to ensure features are enabled without impacting user efficiency? Choose 3 answers

9. Universal Containers (UC) wants to enhance the online purchase experience for its customers. The product and pricing information is managed in a separate ERP, while customer purchases are primarily triggered online through self-service. UC often offers promotions and discounts through various online seasonal events. UC wants the ability to provide customized quotes based on its relationship with the customer, as well as proactively process and monitor renewal and upgrade opportunities.

A Solution Architect has identified Sales Cloud, CPQ, Billing, and B2B Commerce as part of a potential multi-cloud solution.

Based on the above considerations, which option identifies the optimal data flow for this solution?

10. Universal Containers (UC) uses Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud. The implementation was completed 5+ years ago, and Service Cloud users are now expressing dissatisfaction with system performance. A custom Visualforce page was developed to show relevant data to Experience Cloud users. The same page is used by the Support team but displays more information based on their profile. UC has a small internal Support team for Salesforce that periodically enables new features in production.

Which best practice should the Solution Architect recommend to avoid these types of issues in the future?


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