Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Certification Update Dumps

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Certification Update Dumps

Passing the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer exam demonstrates your expertise in the platform and can open up new career opportunities and advancement opportunities. It is also a great way to validate your skills to employers and clients. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer exam dumps have been updated, providing an even more comprehensive and challenging test of your skills and knowledge in this field.

If you’re looking to take your career in Marketing Cloud development to the next level, consider studying for and taking the updated Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer exam dumps. You’ll be demonstrating your knowledge of the platform and your ability to utilize it to create effective marketing campaigns and automations.

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1. Certification Aid created a journey and event definition in Marketing Cloud.

Which of the following resources are relevant to inject Contacts into the journey using the REST API? Choose 2.

2. NTO is reconsidering the requirement to have English, Spanish and French versions of their email campaigns. They request a developer to create a query which aggregates clicks grouped by language of the recipient. Language is stored in a Profile Attribute.

Which two Data Views would be included in the query? Choose 2 answer

3. A company has chosen to use the REST API for triggered sends, but they continue to get the following error during their testing: "Unable to queue Triggered Send request. There are no valid subscribers." They were informed that the SOAP API provides more information about the error, and found that their payload did not include a required data extension field.

Which element of the SOAP API response provides this level of detail?

4. NTO wants to exclude sending an email at send time to those with a record on the 'Exclude' Data Extension. The primary key on this data extension is Subscriber Key.

How would a developer write the Exclusion Script?

5. A developer is making an API REST call to trigger an email send. An access token is used to authenticate the call.

How long are Marketing Cloud v1 access tokens valid?

6. A developer is creating a custom preference center and wants to log unsubscribe events from the CloudPage.

Which set of parameters should be captured and provided to the LongUnsubEvent Execute Call to ensure accurate unsubscribe information?

7. A new record is appended to the Orders data extension each time a customer makes a purchase.

Which SQL statement would select a unique list of subscribers who have made multiple purchases?

8. In which three ways should a developer optimize a query activity if it is currently timing out? Choose 3

9. A sendable data extension with a text field named 'Balance' contains the value S6.96 for a particular record.

The following AMPscript statement is included in an email:

IF (Balance > 6.00) THEN

SET @Result = 'Balance is more than $6.00


Why would this IF statement yield unintended results?

10. A developer wants to configure an automation to import files placed on the SFTP shared by a customer's data vendor. The automation will start when a file matching a specific naming pattern is encountered in the Import folder. The first step of the automation is a File Import Activity referencing a substion string for the matching file.

Which substituon string represents the name of the file?


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